18 a makeup brush to introduce the appended drawings

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-22

18 makeup brush to introduce the appended drawings, makeup brush usage many novice is not very understanding, mainly because there are too many types of makeup brush, every part or each cosmetic use brush, below small make up questions for you.

1, paint: looks just like a fan, floating paint can remove facial residual powder in the process of makeup, make makeup look more clean and tidy.

2, foundation brush, brush are commonly used to foundation and foundation cream, pay attention to the foundation brush to spread evenly, not to thick. Can also be excessive with a wet sponge pad after brush, can appear more natural.

3, loose paint: used to calm makeup, specific operation method is, take a small amount of powder, with calm makeup on face evenly, remove redundant powder. Nasal fossa, corner of the brush is not easy to place, can use the honey powder puff for detailed calm makeup.

4, eye shadow brush: there are all sizes of a variety of models, respectively applicable to different places, like a bigger one eye shadow brush is more suitable for large area color, small model is, of course, applies to the processing of detail parts.

5, cheek is red brush: generally and powder paint, some loose paint a little bit small. Generally is the design of oblique mouth, so that more convenient besmear brushs position structure.

6, eyebrow paint: oblique mouth design, dip in eyebrow powder to paint in camber, and then use eyebrow pencil in meticulous painting, make camber more stereo.

7, eyebrow comb: eyebrow comb is double-sided design, can be used to comb the eyebrow comb surface shape, convenient for threading. In the hair surface can be used for cleaning the eyebrows residual hair and impurities.

8, modify the brush, the brush brush head is small, mainly in the process of makeup, a few local processes improper, dip in foundation block defect.

9, lip brush, lip brush hair is generally a little hard, and the brush head is small, it can better control the brush head, to paint a more three-dimensional contours.

more than cosmetic brush don't sort by successively, we according to the pictures for physical makeup brush name and function of today to share with 18 makeup brush introduction illustrated content here, hope to be able to help you, learn more knowledge makeup brush can focus on the official website.

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