24 makeup brush is introduced

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-03

makeup brush is women's daily life supplies, makeup is not only for good-looking, it is also a kind of etiquette, usually go out pay attention to appearance more attractive.

24 makeup brush to introduce the appended drawings:

in accordance with the above, see below, in turn, introduces the role of makeup brush from left to right:

how to use eyelash brush: general use eyelash brush before, will first clip eyelash, efforts should be appropriate, in turn, from the eyelash root to eyelash tail, strength is too large will be 90 degrees, in order to make eyelash camber lasting, can use a hair dryer preheating in advance. And the effect of eyelash brush is smooth eyelash, make eyelash in style.

how to use eyebrow comb: eyebrow comb the role of simple, is mainly used to comb the eyebrow.

how to use more than small fan painting: more than small fan painting main function is to sweep off redundant calm makeup powder eye shadow, the movement wants light, so as not to get flowers pink.

how to use sponge stick: when you use a liquid foundation daub nose, mouth, eyes and hair, the sponge is the most useful tools. When playing the impression, but first point some color on the face, and then use a sponge to wipe divide evenly; Use a sponge to wipe blush effect is also very good. Can also be your lip color with a sponge, put on lipstick, use a sponge to wipe again, until the color is more soft.

how to use eyeliner brush, eyeliner brush make thick eyeliner sketch out or abrupt natural soft lines. Eyeliner brush eyeliner can be used to transition the lateral edge, resulting in ink painting shading administrative levels sense, low wind eye shy lovely also is full in it.

how to use concealer brush: dip in with the brush apply cosmetics ( Concealer foundation, etc. ) Position, and then on the edge of the concealer, dizzy catch the dodge will boundaries, remember minimal use many times.

how do you use the eyebrow brush: bevel eyebrow is brushed, can draw fine camber, divided into hard Mao Mei brush with soft brush Mao Mei two kinds. Soft touch Mao Mei brush is used to take the brow powder cosmetics, also can put the brush after wet the eyeliner. Hard Mao Mei brush eyebrow makeup for dab with waxy, clear natural eyebrow color.

how to use lip brush, lip brush, use method is very simple, first of all to lip brush on the lipstick color; Then for lip middle line, and the next lips draw a line; In the middle of the line as a benchmark, the two sides of the lip edge with lip brush stroke out; Finally make the lips.

how to use eye shadow brush: general dish with eye shadow brush only two, mainly can be used to render or eye head carry bright or dark shading eye end, many people found it hard to use plate with eye shadow brush, eye shadow brush is used for processing small size details the eye brush, basic it is smaller than the size cant shadow brush to a smaller nose.

highlights how to use brush: highlights the use of the place mostly in the T zone and cheekbones. Dip in with the brush after change good makeup, taking a few highlights powder brush gently in the middle of the eyebrow to the nose section a tee.

how to use shading brush: shading brush is actually we say eye shadow brush, may be many people don't like eye shadow, but sometimes it is necessary to draw a beautiful eye shadow or, and eye shadow brush can help us become more uniform color, create more and more have administrative levels feeling of eye makeup.

foundation brush how to use: after basic skincare, apply before make-up. Will squeeze the fluid foundation in hand on the back, if afraid of dry, can be a little bit with the emulsion to stir together. Dab, the fluid foundation with the brush touch smooth. And then directly brush on the face, the direction is from the inside-out, strength is the heavy outside light, brush good full face carefully, pay attention to the strength of the control, or it will stay powder mark. At the time of brush, attention to the detail place corners of the mouth, the nose, with the brush lightly brush good foundation. Finish with a brush on a thin layer of powder.

how to use cheek red brush: from zygomatic along toward the direction of the temple to brush, brush back from ears to zygomatic place again. Finally from zygomatic place, brush down vertically in the direction of the masseter, create the effect of shadow, make makeup look more stereo. Touch with take orange cheek is red, the zygomatic across the middle ear direction brush. Touch with cheek red brush back then take cheek is red, the nose on both sides of the position increase sense of faint red cheek is red, let whole makeup effect more apparent, give a person a kind of innocent show MOE hangover.

how to use contour brush: and cheek is red brush size but almost flat, used to make face the shadow of the contour line is clearer. Short hair, round brush to brush the dark red cheek, brush under the cheekbones cheekbones high, this is just a selective, want to will use this brush makeup look mature, want to look lovely nature, there is no need for this brush. Slope of the brush head is particularly suited to face stereo effect of build, when use more from inclined brush to zygomatic place my temples.

sweet stucco how to use: use qualitative generous sweet stucco dab powder can be 360 degrees, and surplus natural fruity and makeup, and makes the honey powder and foundation uniform convergence, make makeup feeling more natural. We can use it instead of powder puff, and it can more uniform than powder puff makeup on the ground, smooth skin.

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