7 the makeup brush set USES graphic

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-29

7 makeup brush set USES diagram, a lot of people for makeup kit is not very understanding, generally suit all is can use heavy make-up, make-up brush too many practical skills, each brush has a different role, explain our below small make up for all the 7 a makeup brush set purpose.

1。 Big stucco

eye shadow render large area, also can be used to break foundation.

2。 Foundation brush

the role of the foundation brush is used for liquid foundation and foundation cream evenly daub face bottom makeup;

choose foundation brush can be selected according to the following points: the density of the bristles should closely, qualitative hard; Hair brush Mao Cheng oblique trapezoidal best, choose better elastic brush; Had better choose mink or synthetic fiber material.

3。 Bridge of the nose brush

the bridge of the nose brush usage

4. Fan brush

the fan brush main role is to sweep off excess powder and powder eye shadow.

5。 Eye shadow brush

can show a soft color, eye shadow brush can be subdivided according to the function of many different models. If you don't know how to choose, it is recommended that the priority to choose large, medium and small eye shadow brush each one;

big brush use eye shadow light color fastens to render; Medium can be carefully modified eye; Small brush is used to refine the eye shadow, especially closer and have a perspective eye shadow brush, brush head can be used to outline the eyes.

6。 Concealer brush

concealer brush, as the name implies, is used to block defect product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, black rim of the eye, and so on. Can help you to detail parts of the building. Is usually used with foundation brush, use concealer brush can let the cover effect is more uniform and natural.

7。 Lip brush

lip brush, lip brush lipstick, can also be used to brush eyeliner, lipstick, from his lower lip began to paint. Within the painting good lip line, from the inside and outside daub. With a lip brush daub lipstick, not too big, don't let the bristles bend ranks, in order to avoid broken off.

makeup brush cleaning method:

1, from animal bristles soft ( The price also more expensive) , but made of sable hair brush is not the best. Animal hair will gradually become soft over time, aging, the better, but don't need to wash too frequently, in the case of sparing use of 2 months to be cleaned once a quarter.

2, some synthetic bristles, then every 2 ~ 3 weeks will be clean, with professional makeup brush cleaner to clean, can also use a neutral detergent to clean.

today share the seven branch of the makeup brush set USES graphic content here, makeup brush after use should pay attention to clean, or brush on the bacterium will harm the skin, and it may cause allergies, the use method as well as the kind of cosmetic brush has a lot of, have not understand place can contact customer service consultation.

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