A novice what should buy makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-31

a novice what should buy cosmetic brush? , early ramp friends to the choose and buy of makeup brush or a face of meng, due to familiar with the role of makeup brush is not enough, also don't know the all kinds of cosmetic brush, today will give you a little science make up brush type and function.


easier to understand, is divided into two kinds: animal wool & amp; Synthetic hair

animal wool relatively loose some of my face more comfortable, but stop, more suitable for shading insufficient;

hard artificial wool is more compact, but also more easily coloring also washes well, it's not easy to bad.

foundation brush

flat head type foundation brush

this brush is more suitable for collocation liquid foundation, dip in after take direct brush on the face, be careful to quickly. Upper middle block defect degree, try not to used for the quality of a material is thick liquid foundation, do not break easily.

flat type foundation brush

the flat head is more suited for powder frost on the quality of a material is thicker, the fluid foundation dots on the face after, looped dizzy. Shortcoming is also very obvious, is to eat more powder, but parity on foundation can rest assured bold ~ ~

round head type foundation brush

with the use of the flat head is the same, but because of the shape, my face will be more comfortable, but also easy to brush mark, suggest to use better collocation beauty makeup egg press together.

type toothbrush foundation brush

small size, shape is very flattering, makeup is very convenient. Brush more close-grained, also don't eat powder, foundation can consider to use this expensive price. But will be won't take care of the details, for example: nose, eye, at the moment.

powder & amp; Grooming brush

the torch type brush

soft brush for powder more friendly, my face is very comfortable, but must pay attention to the strength and technique, it is best to point pressure, don't rub, otherwise it is easy to bottom makeup embossing.

oblique head type brush

oblique head design is more suitable for grooming and cheek is red, especially grooming, jaw line fit just right, not easy to miss. If the soft bristles won't very lay heavy, also easy to repair.

type flame brush

select suitable for the size of the flame brush, brush suits will highlight in two buccal and bridge of the nose, to make delicate makeup look, is very necessary. Eye brush

shop type color brush

want on chromaticity is good, still need to select more down-to-earth brush some paint brush, large, medium and small type of advice are prepared, can create diverse gradually layer of eye shadow.

type shading brush

very important part of the eye makeup affirmation is dizzy catch, or too clear edge will appear very abrupt, also known as 'home suddenly and violently makeup'. In addition to the eye, the nose can also be done using bevel shading brush.

details type brush

pointed type and small awl type of the look below the details of the brush can be used to describe, brighten eye head, hands and ordinary brush, easy range is too big.

a novice what should buy cosmetic brush? Content is here, new makeup brush small make up recommend the use of synthetic hair makeup brush, is cheaper than animal hair, also can be used longer.

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