Appearance of cosmetic brush factory tell you nose

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-06
An increased, the bridge of the nose, correctional nasal type. The bridge of the nose increased the use of the method is very simple and direct in nose on both sides. You can use in a day to rest. Second, frequently does nose film. Do nose film can better clean and nourish the skin on the nose. Generally insist to do three to four times a week nasal membrane are the best. Frequently does nose film, thoroughly clean nose, can let your nose looks a little drink. Third, use makeup skills, make the nose shows out. When making up, first to specular highlights on the nose, and then focus on two pretty more foundation between the eyebrow, conveniently drop-down, will play the whole foundation across the bridge of the nose, on both sides of the bridge of the nose with a little liquid foundation. So that we can 'chuan' on both sides of the nose, highlight the bridge of the nose and make nose looks straight type. Fourth, pinched nose both sides. If your nose is quite enough, and nose is bigger, can improve by pinching nose nasal type. Particular way is the thumb and middle finger, respectively, on both sides of the nose, towards the middle and index fingers press on the nose, with middle finger and thumb pressing down on them. Insist to do twice a day, five minutes at a time, a long time you will feel nose change obviously.
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