Beginners should use what kind of cosmetic brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-02

bottom makeup brush:

on the market of the shape of the bottom makeup brush is multifarious, recommended for novice bottom makeup brush - — Tongue brush and brush type.

tongue brush:

although looks flat, but there are some stick in the brush head and face the characteristics of the plane, can take care of the face of the nook and cranny.

flat brush:

appearance like toothbrushes, very suitable for fast at the same time. Choose the bottom makeup brush a few key points:

a MAO, try to choose artificial fiber. Artificial fiber wool prices are cheaper, as a novice in is still not fully determine suitable wipers, don't take risks. Some people allergic to animal wool phenomenon, and general animal wool were expensive, if trample ray bought wouldn't it be heartache.

2, brush to close. Tight hair brush to brush the bottom makeup can even break, there would be no brush marks.

three, don't face. This is the most important.

eyebrow brush are generally choose flat brush, like a trapezoid, a narrow at the bottom of the slope. Choosing eyebrow brush, must choose the brush at the bottom of the level, so you'll draw eyebrow and smoothly. If once have bifurcate, eyebrows lines will appear the spare part on the

spiral brush

spiral brush also called eyebrow brush. Just as its name implies is to wipe out the eyebrows on redundant eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, dodge eyebrow color. In thrush before use, can also comb hair streams, eyebrow, help follow-up thrush. Buy the brush head can be free bending, and facial contour.

eye shadow brush

small and tightly paint brush, paint used for small scale or superposition eye shadow.

grooming brush:

, after all, is a novice, brush too much less than. This is the bevel of fluffy brush brush, looks like a miniature of the broom. Can see the brush is very unique with Angle, and it's fruity and fluffy head. That's because some part of the bevel Angle can take care of the face side of grooming, type of shading and fluffy brush is very appropriate also.

lip brush:

no matter thick coating thin coating or painting a bit lip makeup, complete the delicate lip makeup lip brush is indispensable. Lip brush to choose this kind of thin and long brush, can be taken good care of lip nook and cranny, draw lip type is the most suitable this shape.

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