Cheap makeup brush and what is the difference between your makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-24

makeup brush prices are set according to the cosmetic brush hair, makeup brush is qualitative, there are many different qualitative to makeup the effect difference obvious, skin skin very soft, if makeup brush is too rough, can affect the cosmetic effects will plunge into the skin of the face. Here ya xiang li to explain the cheap makeup brush and what is the difference between your makeup brush.

1。 Makeup I for hair and animal hair and mixed hair fiber, less fiber, wool is qualitative and clothing store model that no difference on the head.

2。 The price is in commonly 10 yuan. Is firm, use on the face very ache, stop, ability is poor, not easy to stain.

3。 Cheap makeup brush shading effect is very poor, it's easy to have a color, and it's easy to drop hair, he will drop a lot of broken hair on the face, it is difficult to clean up.

4。 Joint use inferior glue, fell under the influence of water, not clean.

5。 Ordinary fiber hair, the hair is very soft and fluffy, hair is very fine, the price in ten yuan to one hundred yuan. Very soft, do not stimulate to the skin, but to grasp powder ability is very poor, it is difficult to coloring.

6。 Ordinary fiber hair without support and shading, not dizzy catch. Also can appear wool or glue falling. If pursuit brush is not very high, buy a fiber hair brush to powder is very good, very fleeciness, my face is very comfortable.

7。 Catch powder for powder is not the problem, poor ability of still can make makeup face is very thin. Cheap makeup brush has a characteristic is usually only scattered flat eye shadow brush lip brush and eyebrow brush painting, the brushes are rarely used in the other.

8。 To pay attention to the makeup brush, don't buy the sort of cheap brush, then they don't need to produce multifunctional brush.

9。 Animal hair brush. As a general rule, be natural animal hair. According to the quality is also divided into several kinds. Through special processing of the bristles, softness is moderate, my face is very comfortable, MAO has certain support.

10。 Stop power. Animal hair brush can be used to paste, liquid, powder and so on. Design more scientific. More suitable for the face outline, better grasp, variety, fine classification, making fastidious, quality is better.

cheap makeup brushes experience, quality did not guarantee is not recommended, and for poor people, skin, makeup brush hair can also lead to harm, such as skin allergy and injured skin makeup brush when choosing so as far as possible to choose good quality, that is today cheap makeup brush and what is the difference between your makeup brush the entire contents of the, hope to be able to help you.

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