Cleaning makeup brush? What kind of cleaning?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-24

makeup brush cleaning? What kind of cleaning? Countless users, makeup brush, but makeup brush cleaning but there are a lot of people don't, makeup brush cleaning can guarantee the quality of cosmetic brush and using life, also can ensure the residues of bacteria and fungi. Makeup brush for a long time not to clean may cause skin disease, then makeup brush how clean is the right of cleaning method, let's have a look.

makeup brush cleaning?

1, with the cold water tap first wet brush head, so that we can slow the adhesion of cosmetics on the brush. Be careful not to let water touch the handle, prevent water through into the handle gap into the internal cause mildew.

2, brush, brush head on soap in the palm of your hand back and forth to circle, don't be too hard. Had better not use hand rub directly.

3, the last bubble cleaning. Wash hands after try to squeeze out the moisture in the brush, a few light again. Dry the water on the handle with a towel.

4, the cosmetic brush set from the shank end into the makeup brush case, fixed position in the brush head, brush placed upside down to dry.

small make up recommend makeup brush to wash every day, if no time is the best cleaning 1-1 week Three best, eye shadow brush brush line fled because do not often use a bath once a week or so, use frequency is high, suggest that increase the number. Other brushes, such as the cheek red brush brush powder paint and large Angle I used to play shadow, generally, that is, once a week, should be no problem.

makeup brush clean with what?

we can use the facial cleanser, discharge makeup oil, detergent powder, salt water cleaning, discharge makeup fluid cleaning of makeup brush to clean.

1) detergent: I think the detergent washing powder brush clean power is the fastest, most only need to pay attention to that don't add too much. Once I add too much, some by comparison of intensive, such as shiseido, 131 type or toothbrush in the shape of a foundation brush will have more detergent residues in the above difficult to clean. :

2. Alcohol also easy to wash, is better than a dishwashing detergent is quick drying, but for me detergent will be more convenient.

3. Johnson's baby shampoo shower gel: if the residual few paste/fiber brush use time is short, the washing up more convenient.

makeup brush cleaning? What kind of cleaning? I believe you have read, in addition to the makeup brush cleaning, cosmetic brush storage is also very important, makeup brush brush storage it is best to buy a package, can also be placed in the small drawers or flat sealed containers, stored in a cool, dry place.

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