Compare the advantages of some common eyeliner brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-05
Eyeliner brush is typically used in cream or liquid eyeliner product, suitable for stippling highlights areas around the eye, make the eye more salient, make the eye looks more rich verve. Common eyeliner brush mainly include: mink eyeliner brush, nylon brush eyeliner and horsehair eyeliner brush. 1, mink eyeliner brush: polymerized, elasticity and durability, maofeng tea thin, flexible, widely used in teaching and professional makeup. 2, horse hair eyeliner brush: polymerized and flexibility is a bit poor, less commonly used. 3, nylon hair eyeliner brush: polymerized and flexibility is better, but after using a long time, the phenomenon of maojian tea will be bent, can be used for teaching and professional makeup. Many young women like when cleaning the eyeliner brush to use professional cleaning agent, what are the advantages of using cleaner? If you use a good brush, then you must use the professional cleaning agents, cleaning it is not only a cleaning brush to you in this time, can eliminate bacterium ( Generally contain alcohol content) , protect hair, these are the sort of ordinary vegetable oil or discharge makeup oil can't match.
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