Complete set of makeup brush set which good?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-19

complete makeup brush contains a lot of kinds of cosmetic brush, their use is different, also have a lot of friend will be in the wrong. Professional makeup brush set have seen that it is using the most professional makeup girl, a lot of friends all don't know how to choose makeup brush, cosmetic brush below to introduce a few practical makeup brush, complete sets of makeup brush set which good? See below.

5: paint, brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush

recommend it suit reason: the price is cheap, practical, high quality, exquisite brush does not hurt the skin, white appearance design, simple fashion.

7: cheek is red brush/honey large eye shadow brush, eye shadow brush painting small eye shadow brush oblique head comb eyebrow paint imminent eyelash volume

a high standard of appearance and par value. Appearance design girls heart, appearance level can't control. Brush hair very soft, not skin. Weakness is only a big brush, blush with less powder.

8 parts: pink cheek is red brush painting brush honey eye shadow brush roll Angle head eyebrow brush paint highlights lip brush

type is better than a want to complete. Fiber brush, and easy for washing powder, the bristles are soft, good catch powder force, handle holding also comfortable, cylinder, is convenient to receive, and your point is worth it.

7: eye shadow powder paint brush brush divide evenly inclined eyebrow brush painting concealer brush eyelash brush

fiber wool/horse hair, wool is qualitative very soft, not face. 6 kinds of color optional, are very good-looking, looks pretty high level. Price also can also, very suitable for the sister of budget is limited.

today recommend these a few cosmetic brush sets, make up brush is close to the skin after use, should be cleaned timely attention to the maintenance. Have time to take your love to brush to bask in the sun, prevent bacterial growth oh, complete sets of makeup brush set which good? Everyone should know something about, need to learn more about make-up brush knowledge friends can contact brush customer service.

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