Cosmetic brush cleaning specification, and the storage considerations

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-02

there are several kinds of makeup brush on the market basically is to see what type of brush and brush is used to wash the parts, the most important thing is to know the material makeup brush ( Brush) , different brush cleaning method is different also. Let's look at makeup brush cleaning specification and storage considerations.

powdery bottom, block defect cream blush, lipstick and other paste liquid products.

1。 Fiber brush

1) detergent: I think the detergent washing powder brush clean power is the fastest, most only need to pay attention to that don't add too much. Once I add too much, some by comparison of intensive, such as shiseido, 131 type or toothbrush in the shape of a foundation brush will have more detergent residues in the above difficult to clean. :

2. Alcohol also easy to wash, is better than a dishwashing detergent is quick drying, but for me detergent will be more convenient.

3. Johnson's baby shampoo shower gel: if the fibrous brush residual paste/use time is short, this is very convenient to wash

powder (4) : I am using j&j's great raw powder, the brush can be made clean, but always feel a little cool.

2。 The weasel tail hair, Such as bamboo saybot GSN6 / a G12, etc. ) , wool ( Such as bamboo saybot PUF1, etc. )

(1) mainly with Johnson's baby shampoo shower gel + dove soap, yellow Wolf tail hair do foundation brush brush type generally make the tongue, the shape of the brush I typically use a wash, and not very clean, so usually use one of the problems is not very big.

2. Ditto wool, but they use personal hobby, also can do it without wool powder brush, can be used to paste grooming. Eye shadow blush highlights grooming etc all powder products.

3。 Wool ( Thick light thin light microscopic light delicate light) , little weasel tail hair, horse hair, raccoon hair: Johnson's baby shampoo shower gel

4. The squirrel fur ( Domestic squirrel hair grey squirrel squirrel goto Canada MAO squirrel hair) : dove soap

each brand dedicated washing liquid soap /

all the same, did not say clean force particularly strong and does not hurt the hair, is definitely not hurt hair clean force, pay attention to with alcohol had better not be used to wash the natural hair.


1. Nursing liquid detailer: actually the SSl sell (I have been in the bubble It is said that is South Korea imported partial shipments) , but don't feel like bubble bubble is about the same, there will be a little flavor, is not recommended for bubble sheep used special heavy brush, that set of freesia works is to use his home, but no matter how many times are always have washed the flavour of the sheep baa baa, sweep on your face every time feel like a flock of sheep licking my face saliva. 。 。 If only on mixed detailer taste more disaster, similarly will some smelly squirrel fur ( I don't know why) , the mixed taste also very lovely.

2。 Iron tooth comb: usually this comb brush is used to go floating hair, but to care more easily bend or knot of hair open.

these problems often is not good, but the hand of Picasso, Domestic squirrel hair) , more than a longer raccoon paint some wool will still appear this problem.

usage is washing a set of the net is 60 ° with a comb again, do not comb to comb or 90 ° focused straight out.

this is can be left TB keyword is iron wooden comb + textiles. But can also find Mr Printing/zwilling/and all kinds of unknown brand eyelashes metal combs, the only bad is eyelash metal tooth comb for some large powder paint is not good, general cheek is red brush is good.

3。 Set of nets, air brush:

(1) set of mesh lace is commonly used in mesh/brush head protection network. Relatively lace mesh will be better, have some friends say that brush head protection network will brush a little song, but I haven't met this situation, or in the brush head protection network.

2. Dry brush TB has a dry brush frame, but I think to buy a LanDing back glue stick better.

3. Don't be baked in the sun/hot air blow with blower, actually lost under the air conditioning is blown dry very fast.

4。 Storage:

if the brushes are made of wood, not in a damp place, easy to damp wood qualitative change occurs, the bristles may also be affected.


1. Do not use discharge makeup oil to wash, you're desperate to use detergent to wash it again.

2. Use time is too long fiber brush, on both a didn't wash, and then put a week or several times, anyway with paste/brush like solidified, with alcohol bubble soon, detergent is good too.

makeup brush to frequently wash, do not clean with a few weeks a few months are not willing to give up, because a person's skin to produce out the fat, fat on the skin can cause cosmetics deteriorating or effect is poor. The above content is the makeup brush cleaning standards and storing the entire content of the matters needing attention, if you have not understand can contact customer service.

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