Cosmetics have?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-31

cosmetics have? , we will draw a makeup to go out every day, time will change a light make-up, is sufficient is a very beautiful makeup, a lot of even makeup every day, also don't know what are cosmetics, below small make up to you what are the basic toiletries, and what role.

toner, cosmetic cream ( The mask) , segregation frost, BB cream ( CC air cushion BB foundation) , pressed powder, powder, block defect, eyebrow pencil ( Eyebrow powder) , eyeliner, eyelash curler, eye shadow, mascara and false eyelashes lie silkworm pen, highlights, grooming, lipstick, lip honey, labial line pen, cheek is red.

the role of toiletries

tools, cosmetic brush, cosmetic cotton, cotton swabs

the first step: makeup before, maintain good skin can make double makeup effect. Before making up the necessary hydrating will make makeup look more break can choose lotion, cream or mask, make-up before can clean the skin, use some moisturizing products is necessary.

step 2: tu segregation frost, in order to better protect the skin, do not besmear segregation frost cause powdery bottom plug the pores

the third step: take a suitable amount of liquid foundation, pat evenly on face. This takes a foundation.

step 4: use concealer makeup, if you have acne or black rim of the eye concealer makeup will be made more perfect.

step 5: take a powder or powder, dip in proper amount, rub it evenly on the powder puff, press gently pressure evenly to the face, and the proportion of the nose and eyes. This takes a powder.

step 6: thrush a camber makeup look good, will the whole people more spirit, if time too long, or first thrush need to scrape the eyebrow knife will be painted, camber is built to use eyebrow pencil first painted eyebrows, then fill in, advised to choose a similar color eyebrow pencil with hair color.

step 7: according to the makeup of the need to eye shadow, as a routine, usually with the earth color. This step requires eye shadow.

step 8: after the eyeliner, eye shadow along the eyelash root in eyes on a carefully with the line of the eyelashes. This step need eyeliner.

step 9: this step requires mascara, use eyelash to cream with eyelash clip before if can also paste the false eyelash eyelash is poor.

step 10: highlights, can be used in on both sides of the nose and chin cheekbones except the highlights, can make whole face have stereo feeling more.

step 11: sweep a little blush and calm makeup powder on the make-up to make makeup look is not easy to take a makeup more persistent in his easy oil powder to keep makeup look in good position.

step 12: in the upper lip honey lip brush. Need to apply lip honey before daub lipstick or lip balm, because how much lipstick contains chemical composition, daub is a lip balm to protect lips, 2 it is to make better at the same time.

that's share what cosmetics today? All content, facial makeup products mainly include isolation breast, breast before makeup, foundation, block defect cream, powder, blush, etc. The eye are eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, etc. The lips are mainly render lip cream, labial line pen, lip gloss or lipstick. Tools are mainly cosmetic brush, cotton swabs, cotton pad, etc. And make-up brush is divided into a variety of brush, if you want to know the use of the cosmetic brush can focus on our makeup brush information.

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