Cosmetics, how long is the shelf life of you know?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-06
As we all know the shelf life of cosmetics have how long? Below small make up for you on: 1. Emulsion, emulsion latex can also be used 1 year, water emulsion is degenerative faster, once appear, smell fresh longer. 2. Eye cream: can use up to 1 year, such as oil emulsion separation or produce peculiar smell, may mean that the oil content in eye cream has metamorphism, should give up earlier. Editor note: eye cream is also a high risk product, when used carelessly may eyes, must choose a safe product. 3. Cream: after opening should be finished within 1 years, but if you directly from the bottle by hand, will accelerate deterioration. 4. Foundation: 1 - should be used 2 years, but if the quality of a material becomes thick, oil emulsion separation, discoloration, or produce peculiar smell, it must change the new. Can be stored in room temperature, prevent sun direct illuminate. 5. Sunscreen: no kaifeng can deposit using 2 - 3 years, but after opening the best sunscreen when finished. 6. Mascara: 3 - open After six months should stop using it. Editor note: dry themselves after adding liquid dilution, the behavior of the wrong if volatiles, eye contact can lead to blindness, there is no need for the money in health risk.
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