Did you know that makeup brush cleaning knowledge?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-16
Did you know that makeup brush cleaning knowledge? It doesn't matter you don't know how small make up just to show you today. Clean makeup brush is very simple, clean with detergent can, can look for a small bottle container, such as in the detergent left and right swing can be cleaned for many times. Use to brush every day, every week with best professional brush cleaner clean, wash a face with shampoo or neutral milk diluted with warm water can also; As to not commonly used to brush, about a bath once a month or two. Makeup brush for animal hair commonly, so use to wash hair product line. When cleaning, will first brush that residual cosmetics with warm water rinse; It soak in warm water with shampoo added 2 - Knead after 3 minutes, wash rinse; Finally apply moisturizing conditioner moist, rinse with cold water! But should pay attention to when dry, with a paper napkin wrapped hang dry brush part, to prevent the deformation, to avoid exposure. Finally, small make up tell you professional makeup brush bristles are generally divided into two kinds of animal hair and synthetic hair. Has a full set of wool scale natural animal hair clothes, so qualitative soft, eat meal degree of saturation, can make colour evenly pressed, and does not stimulate the skin.
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