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Do You Need To Clean The Unused Make-Up Brush? How To Clean And Maintain It?

Do You Need To Clean The Unused Make-Up Brush? How To Clean And Maintain It?


Unused makeup brushes should be cleaned and then stored or stored in categories. Otherwise, the makeup brushes will be damaged. As for whether it can still be used, first wash it and look at it. After drying, look at the softness and grasping power of the brush. Otherwise, you can only buy new makeup brushes.

Generally, the life of a makeup brush is about one year.

Makeup brush cleaning and maintenance:

Usually, after using the makeup brush, they are cleaned daily with clean water, or with a mild facial cleanser, or a special detergent for the makeup brush to clean the brush head. If it is animal hair, it is more delicate. You can use Johnson's baby shampoo or soap, because there will be a certain amount of oil in it, and it is not easy to frizz the hair.

It will be more convenient to cooperate with the scrubbing tools. For example, the scrub pad is large and there are many brushes. This is also very convenient to wash. For different brushes, there will be different divisions of the texture blocks, which will be more detailed. If you are a beginner, you can use the small one with two fingers, the egg scrub type.

The brushes are basically cleaned in a circular manner, so that they will be cleaned, but the movement must be gentle, not too strong! If it is an animal hair brush, it must be treated differently, remember to use the direction you usually use the brush To determine the direction of your brush, that is, the repair brush must be used in a single forward and backward direction, not in both directions (that is, do not come back one time, follow the hair flow, ensure one direction, so that it is not easy to frizz).

When washing, brush head down, water flow from top to bottom. If the brush head is facing up or the entire brush is washed in water, you think you wash it cleanly, but in fact the water can easily stay where the bristles and the brush rod are connected, so that the wooden handle will easily crack.

After rinsing with water, wipe it with a soft cotton towel, on the one hand, to ensure that there is no makeup residue on the top, and on the other hand, it can absorb excess moisture and dry faster. But remember to brush in one direction, it won't be easy to frizz.

Finally, air-dry. Just place it in a cool and ventilated place, don't expose it to the sun. You can use a drying brush rack. After cleaning, the bristles are straightened, and the brush head is placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, and wait for it to dry naturally. If it is a Bloom brush or some loose brush, and you find it is a little frizzy after washing. It doesn't matter, put it on the protective cover, and it's still the same after drying.

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