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Explanation Of Makeup Brush Processing Steps And Makeup Brush Process

Explanation Of Makeup Brush Processing Steps And Makeup Brush Process


The makeup brush processing steps and the makeup brush process are explained. At present, the makeup brush brands are dazzled, but what we don't know is that many makeup brush brands are foundries, just like Xiaomi mobile phones are made by foundries. It is more cost-effective that handing it over to an experienced third party. So what we are going to talk about today is the production of makeup brushes. The production process of makeup brushes is generally divided into three parts: makeup brush handle production, hair head production, and Bonding between the hair head and the handle. The following is a brief analysis of these three parts.

Makeup brush handle making

1. Selection of makeup brush handle

Generally, acrylic material, aluminum material and wood will be selected for the handle of make-up brush, birch wood is commonly used for the handle of make-up brush, black sandalwood, Zambian blood sandalwood and other wood with dense texture will also be selected (such wood will not be painted in general, but will be polished on the surface to keep the sandalwood fragrance, which is relatively rare). In order to meet the needs of the public, we use birch and acrylic materials for the handle of the brush.

2. Make up brush wood handle cutting

The same type of wooden handle for makeup brush is generally opened together with the batch, and the relevant cutter size and spacing are adjusted by the opening machine, so that the wooden handle material can be quickly opened at one time. Our existing brush handles with different diameters, lengths and shapes are all completed in this link..

3. Primer on the wooden handle of make-up brush (first coat)

 There are two ways to paint the wooden make-up brush handle: mixing and soaking. The first painting method is mixing and painting. The surface of the same type of wood handle will be fully integrated with the paint in the mixer to avoid the air bubble directly on the handle of the first paint. 

4. Paint on the handle of make-up brush (immersion painting - colored paint)

There are order of the above paint, will be first on the colored paint (generally black, specific colors can be matched according to customer requirements), and then on the transparent paint. After the first coat of paint is finished, the workshop master will take out the wooden handle, nail it on a board evenly (Note: the end that the wooden handle of the make-up brush contacts with the pipe orifice is nailed on the nail), and then clamp the board upside down in the machine frame, and soak it vertically downward.

5. Top paint of make-up handle (soaking and painting transparent paint)

The last colored paint is air-dried, that is, the transparent paint will be applied. The transparent paint will be applied 2-3 times. The machine process is the same as the colored paint.

Makeup brush hair head

The makeup brushes made by SEEWILL basically use made of man-made fiber wool, horse hair and other real animal hair can be used according to customer's customized requirements.

1. Selection and proportion of wool

We have a stable and long-term cooperation of raw material suppliers, from the price and quality have a certain control ability. However, when it comes to the ratio of wool, for example, we need to make a brush made of fine light peak and grey mouse hair in proportion. The ratio of wool will be in the charge of the wool supplier. Most brush factories outsource the raw material ratio to the raw material supplier or the master who matches the raw material, but we have a professional master who is responsible for the process.

2. Production of hair head (hooded type)

After the wool selection and proportion are determined, arrange the wool on the table top, and then put it in the transparent hair shaping container (Note: the peak part of the wool is facing down, and the wool is fixed), pick it up and put it down, shake it for 6-8 times repeatedly until the hair is set. According to different shapes and sizes of hair, different kinds of hair styling containers will be used. We have a special mold making workshop to make hair styling containers, so we can customize the hair styling.

3. Production of hair head (mouth tube group hair)

After the wool type is wrapped, bind the wool with fine wool, cover the wool in the circular plastic sleeve mold, use the plastic sleeve mold to lead the wool into the mouth tube, keep the wool type, then push the wool head out of the mouth tube with the tail of cotton swab, and then use the machine to tie the mouth tube until the mouth tube is pressed, and the wool is fixed in the mouth tube.4. Production of hair ends (sieve hair and trimming type)

4. Production of hair head (screen and trimming type)

After fixing and forming the wool mouth pipe, use a special wool screen to sift the wool back and forth, and screen out the easily dropped wool. After several times of back and forth sieving, put the wool on the tape to stick the easily dropped wool. After the screen is finished, you will use a knife to trim the shape of the hair.

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