Eyeliner brush how to appear more clean

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-10
Eyeliner brush is used to draw the eyeliner brush. But eyeliner brush itself is not a color, but to cooperate with eyeliner or water soluble liquid eyeliner to use special line of makeup tools. Eyeliner brush brush head, also can be divided into flat slender short brush and brush two kinds. Basically, short flat brush some better control, use more convenient. A good eyeliner brush, touch can even take the color of the eyeliner, and can be used with uniform color, smooth. Choose to look at the part of hair is close, no bifurcation is advisable. Eyeliner brush out makeup effect more clean, color is faster, more accurate, but is not so good eyeliner control in use. So, it is suggested that make up the novice or use eyeliner for entry is better. 1. With black eyeliner, and in the upper eyelid YanJi, moved slightly outline of eyeliner. It doesn't matter even if a bit crooked. 2. Rods from eye to eye end cotton, gently moving will just outside a good eyeliner dizzy, don't forget the shading. 3. To dip in eye shadow, from the eye to eye end daub is about 2 cm width. 4. The use of black liquid eyeliner, along the eyelash root inside, carefully fill a void. 5. Before brush the eyelash to cream with eyelash clip roll become warped eyelash. In order to get the best results, will be divided into eyelash root roll become warped, intermediate and advanced three parts respectively. 6. With the horizontal eyeliner brush, careful besmear to brush starting from the eyelash root to tip. It is best to brush besmear to brush like shaking up. 7. After brush the eyelash, and then along the direction of the outward eye end of eyelash brush repeat again. This is the focus of the eyelashes. 8. Before the eyelash fluid completely dry, use eyelash comb eyelash comb drive carefully. This makes the effect with root trenchant root. Remember, after each use eyeliner brush, wipe with a clean paper eyeliner brush on redundant residue, after a period of time, to touch type take eyes lips make-up remover cotton cleaning brush head.
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