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by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-17

| supply reliable service for you good cosmetic brush manufacturer

brushes manufacturers suppliers unique antimicrobial technology brush wear coat a layer of protection, against all sorts of bacteria, fungi, let you dress up beautiful, can you don't have to worry about the damaged skin health. Form a complete set of anti-bacterial wash water is also very convenient to use, as long as spray directly toward the brush, cosmetic brush manufacturer after rinse clean with water with a towel or tissue and gently wipe away excess water. Cosmetic brush manufacturer this brush with bristles mainly comes from the special golden goat neck area natural comb the hair, very soft, elastic, makeup effect on natural symmetry. And the design of the brush holder is also rich in opportunely, help you easily distinguish the brush function: with a transparent brush is used to handle the face; With metal brush brush handle it specifically for the eye.

brushes manufacturers with the passage of time, the change of The Times, a lot of the function of the brush has a new interpretation, take a foundation as an example, the previous traditional foundation brush is a flat shape, powder of the contact with the skin more considerate, adopts lateralization method, namely brush to brush the side contact face, now, with the constant progress of colour makeup technology, make-up products constantly updated, brush style and function upgrade, now hit powdery bottom, cosmetic brush manufacturer mainly adopted is also popular represented flat brush brush head, already can play farinaceous pink bottom, also can beat cream foundation, technique is no longer use the brush to brush the side, but use the technique of brush head horizontal pushing brushes manufacturers using a flat brush head part, maofeng tea delicate, soft brushes manufacturers hit powdery bottom natural symmetry, popular now is this. Have also been innovation, of course, the new flat bevel foundation brush, also in production, will be more to force

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