How choose cosmetics: beginner master smell of burning test with four steps to watch

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-11
Cleanser of

smell: a light faint scent, not pungent.

look: squeeze on the hands should be water soluble form, no greasy feeling.

burn: take a little cleanser into a spoon in a fire under the spoon, if oil splashing, is not a good cleanser, if you are burning ever more like milk, the quality is good. :

test into pH paper, observe whether pH value is appropriate. The toner of

shake: shakes after observing a bubble. Very little bubble, means less nutrition; Bubbles and more big, that contains salicylic acid, salicylic acid cleaning effect is good, but stimulating, allergy; More bubbles and fine, and soon disappear, alcoholic, don't use for a long time, easy to damage the skin's protective film; Bubble exquisite and rich, with a thick layer, and lingering, and general quality is better.

smell: poor quality essence or heavy spices, some smell of alcohol. The emulsion of

smell: good quality no thick spicy notes.

test: put a little lotion into clean water, such as floating on the water, that contain oilstone ester, can damage the skin and cause skin dry lack water, is a major cause of clogged pores. The essence of

look: liquid essence of choose and buy when, want to observe the color and shape, such as find the phenomenon such as turbidity and precipitate or discoloration, don't buy.

test: drops on a pile of paper or a cotton pad, if easy to permeate down, said the small molecules, strong penetrating power, easily absorbed by skin. If only spread in the surface, it is not very good absorption. Cream of

burn: take a little cream into a spoon in a fire under the spoon, completely burn out, the more dark residue, shows that the more additive, if oil splashing or smoke, don't use.

coating: coating onto the paper, wipe points later, if has moisturizing effect, the paper will wrinkle; If the paper is clear, that is the system of mineral oil.

look: if cream filling technology is good, quality of a material is meticulous, its smooth surface will appear even form, rather than a pore size.

the makeup of milk

look: if the discharge makeup breast lumps, specifications for too long, don't buy.

test: test makeup milk is easy and cosmetic products, and can wipe away the paper.

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