How do makeup brush? Four ways to keep in mind the makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-20

make-up brush is our commonly used tools, especially the colour makeup brushes can use the fast and good makeup, but because of the makeup brush set is like the same, just the shape and size have a little difference, for newcomers to distinguish the use of makeup is a nightmare. So how do you keep in mind that the purpose of cosmetic brush, below small make up to you to introduce in detail.

say first makeup brush:

powder paint

powder on the dip in with powder paint, brush with pink in the face, than the softer, more natural, with a puff can paint very evenly. It can also be used to calm makeup, also can be used to brush away the excess powder.

cheek is red brush

will take blush powder brush, light get rid of excess sludge at the same time, the color is not enough to fill slowly. More can be used as a honey more than paint or paint.

eye shadow brush

can make eyeliner and eye, eye shadow brush eyebrow eye shadow to fully mix, the following parts of the brush the halo colorific administrative levels. Wool quantity is moderate, easy to control usage of vanity.

the eyebrow paint

eyebrow brush is beauty makeup tools, can repair the eyebrows. It has a variety of brush a head, a variety of shapes, different brush head can be different USES. Eyebrow paint can be divided into three types of toothbrushes, helical and bevel.

lip brush

use lip brush can make the lip contour of clear, lipstick colour and lustre is uniform. Lip brush selection should be qualitative and hard moderate, wool quantity in rail as well. Brush hair too soft lips lipstick is difficult to control weight, fuzzy and not sure the lip line, of course, is the whole makeup look glamorous failure.

how do makeup brush? Four ways to keep in mind the makeup brush content here, watching the pictures above in the makeup brush introduce you still can not remember the appearance and function of makeup brush, if you don't remember the small make up recommend can be preserved, can look at when using, the passage of time will be remembered. To learn more knowledge of cosmetic brush, or to choose the right makeup brush can contact our customer service consulting.

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