How long to wash a good makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-17

how long to wash a good makeup brush? , make-up brush is a lot of women's daily life appliances, we use the makeup brush generally can be divided into two kinds of material, one is made of animal hair makeup brush, one is artificial makeup brush with wool and nylon wool fiber is given priority to, although both are makeup brush, but their cleaning method and cleaning intervals vary. Artificial bristles tend to brush cleaning frequently than animals.

animal bristles

yellow Wolf tail hair, hardness and elasticity of the hair is the most suitable for eye shadow brush, better than horse

goat hair: the most commonly used brush, texture soft, durable, white tip of wool, the wool light peak is the highest grade in wool brush;

horse hair: the quality of a material is harder than goat hair, much as eye shadow brush

the squirrel fur: cheaper than mink, texture soft,

artificial brush

artificial fiber: is harder than above animal hair, suitable for thick cream colour makeup

nylon: the most hard, much as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

animal brush cleaning time usually once a week, because the animal bristles and artificial bristles, artificial brush washes cheaper and more.

artificial brush cleaning method can be a time on Wednesday, if conditional word can wash once a day.

how long to wash a good makeup brush? Content is here, take a bath once a week or wash once a day, the mainest is washed, makeup brush after use stick on cosmetics, will also come into contact with the skin grease, and these problems may be is a breeding ground for bacteria and source, so regular cleaning for skin health is still relatively good.

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