How many kinds of cosmetic brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-13
How many kinds of cosmetic brush? , as a rule for makeup brush can be divided into two categories, one is the synthesis of makeup brush, also known as artificial makeup brush, another is natural makeup brush, the bristles are generally from the animals. Can produce high quality animal wool is relatively expensive. Let's look at the difference between two kinds of cosmetic brush.

synthetic makeup brushes

they are usually made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester fiber, the synthetic bristles for people love animals not cruel. It does not contain any element of protein, so it friendly to vegetarian. There are many differences between synthetic and natural fine brush, it is sometimes considered inferior to natural hair, but the technology and the progress of the manufacturing process made by tapering, tilt, tag, abrasion or etching reproduce most of the features of natural hair.

synthetic makeup brush advantage:

there is usually no corneous layer

a powerful resistance to makeup solvent damage

because of the filament will not absorb capture pigment, so compared with natural makeup brush, cleaning easier.

more than natural hair brush smooth, soft.

there are all sorts of color.

allergy free

is very suitable for powder, cream and concealer soft layer.

is suitable for the liquid foundation, CC cream, BB cream and other liquid type products.

synthetic bristles brush effect is very good also. Has the performance is very good nylon fiber taper, they on the skin is very strong and very soft.

nature constitute the bristles

and synthetic hair the biggest difference is that it has a natural cuticle, able to provide the right amount of make-up. Because of this, natural bristle is the best choice for powder products. It is the ideal choice of the application and mix.

there are hundreds of species of animals used in different types of makeup brush hair; Goats, squirrel, weasel/sable, ponies, horse, wrestling, water the badger, deer and raccoons. Provides your skin with them from the badger hair very firmly to the gentle heavenly squirrel brush touch.

makeup brush quality is the most important aspect of the tip of the hair. Cut the hair will not only make you feel itchy, and can stimulate the skin. In Japan A - Janaika Japan all handmade brushes have intact, bring your face the most pleasant touch.

in some brushes, the natural hair were mixed by using the different characteristics of each hair; Keep the shape of the mane, stable quality, increase the elasticity.

the badger

wild grey squirrels 8 pieces of red light brush with grey squirrels, water the badger brushes and weasel.

the Badger hair is usually used in eyeliner brush, the rigid and flexible enough to define and shape. Water the badger is more flexible, good at defining detailed sharp eyes.

the badger hair all over the world has a long history and tradition. Can be found in other types of brush common material.

to cutting-edge coarsens, hair thinning in the bottom, the appearance of the 'shock' to the person.

the badger hair quality usually has a light brown, but cheap burger bristle usually has a dark gray.


sable is red hair of a member of the weasel family. Due to the quality and characteristics of difference is very big, so you can find them in a variety of brushes. Compared with the badger, pure sable hair pointed tip is quite expensive, but it is not so important for Kolinsky hair brush.

poor quality of sable hair sometimes mixed with ox hair brush to create more economy, but it significantly lowers the quality.

common mink and Siberia and northeast China the cobbe family Lin. This is useful for accurate stratification and gradient application. Power, spring and happy.


it has good strength and the ability to keep its shape. They are durable and strong, often mixed with goats or squirrel fur. In particular, the horse hair brush is used to make up one of the most common hair.

evenly daub brush, make its have more opaque coverage, clean with color.


best mane and a variety of features, from the rigid and soft hair. Almost all kinds of brushes can be found in all the goat hair in the most generic hair: powdery cake, cheek is red, fluorescent pen and eye shadow.

according to gender and body parts, the nature of the hair can make a big change.

luxury soft, is the highest level of goat hair, suitable for medium to comprehensive application. Sokoho long hair and soft, only the squirrel hair. They are very rare, hard to find and value is very high.

it is Saikoho next, it is soft and durable, can be used as a paint, finishing brush, blush brush, the main material of fluorescence and eye shadow brush brush. It is a good way to control the tip of the brush.

the squirrel

they are all people the most soft. It to powder makeup product has excellent texture. They mainly come from the north of Russia and the world. It is difficult to obtain and always lack of supplies. Because of their similar to weasel hair, hair so squirrel brush can't use with cream or liquid type of product, because it can significantly damage hair, except wood/tree squirrels.

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