How should eyeliner brush cleaning in the makeup brush set?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-19

how should eyeliner brush cleaning in the makeup brush set? , makeup brush set the eyeliner brush because unlike other makeup brush hair, washing makeup brush, eyeliner brush cleaner to clean separation with other makeup brush, use the right makeup brush to clean, can prolong the service life of cosmetic brush, let your makeup brush hair to keep the best state is more convenient, as the below small make up to see what eyeliner brush to clean.

the shape of the eyeliner brush has a thin, flat brush ( Flat head and a little circular brush) Two, is also the many professional makeup girl's favorite. Eyeliner brush can help you to draw a not too fine nor too precise eyeliner, can dry wet amphibious, more fluctuation look line can be used.

the eyeliner brush clean dry cleaning and wet cleaning two

1, the dry cleaning eyeliner brush method

eyeliner brush dry-cleaned first is to use brush with honey powder, namely calm makeup powder, then evenly brush down a direction on paper towels, until the eyeliner brush on the cosmetics were dripped on the paper was good!

2, wet cleaning eyeliner brush method

eyeliner brush when doing the wet cleaning to avoid violent clean, wet cleaning is generally a month time, use warm water and shampoo or soap water for 12 minutes, then remove them in the back pressure, follow the stains out of reoccupy water MAO put brush clean dry towel for them.

how should eyeliner brush cleaning in the makeup brush set? , eyeliner brush to use for a long time not to clean, the result is bad to use, after each use can use eye lip makeup fluid is put on the skin clean, also can use the special cleaning fluid, buy said must be washed out, doesn't mean must have as good as new, at least to clean the top eyeliner, or it will reduce the makeup brush life, and not cleaning brush hair after using it can harden, also can use eyes lips make-up remover.

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