How to choose makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-05
Makeup brush category choice, like brushes small make up today to discuss: 1, foundation brush type, flat, round head, roughly divided into tongue is qualitative slightly hard and has good elasticity, brush Mao Fenghou also should close enough, brush out bottom makeup will be no sense of powder mark. 2, powder painting, can make facial makeup lasting, clean sweep light on the entire face to face calm makeup, swept or taken in two buccal local calm makeup, hair loose. 3, foundation brush to brush the foundation more stick take more bright, your face from the center to both sides carefully daub, pay attention to the nose, canthus place must be uniform, the quantity of single also shoulds not be too much. 4, dipping paste and liquid products, must be diligent about clean, not more than a week! Otherwise breeds bacteria, the result is less also, if you are sensitive, try to choose squirrel hair brush is advisable. 5, brush hair must be sufficient, besides can calm makeup, also can sweep powder, to avoid a makeup phenomenon; If you are oily skin, can choose wool quality of a material, it would be a good oil resistance of the relative.
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