How to clean the eyeliner brush - Eyeliner brush knowledge

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-06

eyeliner brush several shapes are available. That kind of thin, flat brush ( Flat head and a little circular brush) Is a favorite of many professional makeup girl, it can help you to draw a not too fine nor too precise eyeliner, can dry wet amphibious, more fluctuation look line can be used. Then the eyeliner brush after use to how to clean?

eyeliner brush is used long not laundry, bad also to use and should close to use lip with the eye make-up remover cha clean. Home also has a special cleaning fluid. Buy when they said must be clean after use. Is not to say that must have as good as new. At least clean the eyeliner above 8 layers. Or it will reduce the life of brush. And temporary don't wash hair all hard anyway with all lip with the eye make-up remover cha.

eyeliner I dry cleaning and wet cleaning, powder) Brush with honey powder. Then sweep the brush on paper towels. Sweep the color on paper towels. Dry cleaning with powder ( Is a base powder. Don't violence is washed with detergent shampoos and cleanser foam type can be. Gentle wash. Because the health of the eye - usually once a month is ok ~ the temperature of cold water to soak for 12 minutes along with shampoo or soap brush lines on the back pressure and then follow the stains out of reoccupy water MAO put brush clean dry towel order if you make up suggest you frequently wash every day.

the eyeliner brush is small make up share above knowledge, hope to be of help.

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