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How To Clean The Makeup Brush? How To Care For Makeup Brushes?

How To Clean The Makeup Brush? How To Care For Makeup Brushes?


First, the brush you just bought must be cleaned.Because most brushes are hand-made, a small amount of hair is not solid, or the fluff attached during the trimming process is not removed. This is what we call floating hair.  A lot of brushes have to be dyed for the overall beauty, so you have to clean when you got it. 

Note: Make sure that the cleaning movement is gentle and follow the direction of the hair. Generally, the floating hair and floating color will not appear again after washing for two or three times.

How to clean:

There are two cleaning methods: water and loose powder. Different cleaning methods for different hair brushes .

There are two main types of brush hair:

1. Animal hair: fits for dry powder cosmetics. Such as loose powder brush, blush powder brush, eye shadow powder brush, etc. Do not clean with water frequently, it will damage the hair ,you can wash it with water and washing liquid once a month.If you want to change the color temporarily, you can use the loose powder,and use the loose powder to remove the powder in our brushes.

2. Artificial fiber: It is used with liquid and cream cosmetics, such as foundation brush and eyeliner brush. It has washed with water and scrubbing liquid. For example, the foundation brush is matched with foundation liquid, which is easy to deteriorate. You’d better clean it every day.

Methods of cleaning with water:

(1) Clean with warm water and scrubbing liquid:

1.Wetting the bristles (note that the joints of the hair and bristles can not be wet)

2. Pour out the scrub water into your palm .

3.Use your fingertips to gently push out in the direction of the bristles until the residue of the cosmetics is completely washed away, and then rinse with water.

4.Then put a towel or paper towel on the table to absorb the moisture, arrange the bristles, and then dry in a cool place.

5. After drying, gently rub the bristles with your hands, and then flick with your fingers to restore the fluffy state. If you don’t need them frequently,then they can be inserted into the bottle (or bag) with the head up.

Note: 1. It should be air-dried naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or dry it in the sun, otherwise it may damage the material. After washing, you can also dip it with hair conditioner to make the bristles more soft.

2. Do not be wash the connection of the brush handle. The connection contact the wooden handle, it is difficult to dry, and may easy to cause looseness. Try not to wet the mouth of the brush.

3. Be sure to wash along the direction of hair growth. Otherwise it will damage the hair .

(2) Method of cleaning with powder:

After using the brush each time, spread a paper towel on the table, sprinkle loose powder or talcum powder on the paper towel, and then brush the makeup brush in the direction of the hair to remove the residual powder. Be gentle until the brush can not color a clean paper towel.

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