How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-21

how to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush? , make-up brush vendors throughout the nebula, visible everywhere buy cosmetics, make-up brush stores, and quality also don't know which to the naked eye, if not careful buy inferior makeup brush products, can cause damage to the skin. So how to discern when buying makeup brush has become a big problem in the minds of many. Below small make up explain for everybody we how to choose when buying makeup brush.

makeup brush bristles and the most important thing is to part, so the stand or fall of a set of cosmetic brush, the core is to brush, brush, cosmetic brush is good. How to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush? To begin from the following aspects:

1, the makeup brush with affinity for cosmetics and utilization

brushes at the time of make-up, in the use of cosmetics, can very good to adsorption to makeup brush on cosmetics, and on the cosmetics to the facial makeup can be a very good stick on the skin, and the utilization rate is higher, the better. And the jacket is, makeup is smooth without horizontal stripes.

2, make-up brush easy clean sex

makeup brush easy clean is very important, is the makeup brush after use, on cleaning and maintenance is easy, if makeup brush hard cleaning recommend careful buy, if you don't often clean makeup brush can easily lead to bacterial growth and other reaction.

3, make-up brush coats

the qualitative part of the makeup brush is the soul of cosmetic brush, the quality of the hair is to judge one of one aspect of makeup brush is good or bad. The classification of cosmetic brush chemical fiber or animal hair. But no matter what, the stand or fall of MAO is mainly from the elasticity, softness, close skin sex, and whether there is damage to the skin such aspects as the determination.

how to discern the stand or fall of makeup brush? , select a lot of people don't makeup brush, cosmetic brush selection than choosing to use after just know effect of cosmetics, makeup brush so long as has the experience of using more or less will choose skills, makeup technology first, the second without good makeup makeup brush brush also could not change good makeup look.

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