How to homemade cosmetic brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-28


there are many different kinds of cosmetic brush, people in the pursuit of delicate makeup look, usually need to take make-up brush to cooperate to complete the whole process, such as special brush eyebrow eyebrow brush, specially the outline of lip lip brush, used to coat the foundation of the fluid foundation brush, etc. , and the brushes are expensive.

on the market most of the existing makeup brush belongs to a body brush, the brush head, handle fixed adhesive, each cosmetic brush only have a function, make people in the makeup brushes, makeup tend to need more cost added make-up. More than the makeup brush also needs to be larger to accommodate space, is not conducive to carry, not to mention the production. In use process, according to the make-up area changes tend to need more to adapt, which brings the problems such as brush can't use, make up the trouble.

therefore, provide a homemade cosmetic brush method.

need to prepare tools: handle, aluminum pipe, brush glue, glue agent


the handle: makeup brush handle will generally choose acrylic materials, aluminum and wood, etc. , cosmetic brush wooden handle material commonly used birch, blood wingceltis have chosen ebony, Zambia a dense wood (a Choose this kind of wood does not generally do paint processing, can do surface polishing, keep the sandalwood incense, do less) , if there is no more than some of the wood instead of high hardness, material selection can handle the length of the 10 cm, width is moderate, handle after the surface with sandpaper to polish.

aluminum tube, aluminum tube production methods won't break down, general also won't have these materials in the home, can go online to buy ready-made.

brush: choose and ratio determine later, MAO MAO to the desktop, and then in a clear spring type container, Note: peak position down, MAO MAO type) And picked up down, repeated shocks - 6 Eight times, until spring. Hair with different shapes and sizes, we will use different kinds of feather shape container, of course we make sure no so many professional tools, then we can put the brush hair into aluminum tube fill, the aluminum tube with the brush in compaction reoccupy adhesive cement.

adhesive: made of fine iron powder and AB resin mixture. For the mouth of the different diameter tube, and will use AB glue with different particle size of iron powder, mouth tube directly, the greater the iron powder particles. Adhesive with good later, in the crowded creamy tapered plastic bag inside, scissors conical baotou mouth open. First the adhesive squeeze into tube along the tube wall, then slowly press the inlet pipe, will handle moderate twist, make adhesive clamping mouth tube and handle, dry after a period of time, is the finished product.

makeup brush homemade process is the roughly, as in the production process have not understand can contact to solve the problem of!

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