How to judge what is good makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-15
Professional makeup brush bristles are generally divided into two kinds of animal hair and synthetic hair. Has a full set of wool scale natural animal hair clothes, so qualitative soft, eat meal degree of saturation, can make colour evenly pressed, and does not stimulate the skin. One, fingers grip the brush, comb down gently, without dropping phenomenon. Second, the light on the skin a few times, feel soft and comfortable, without any tingling. Three, will brush gently on the back, perfect semicircle, cut and neat, perfect radian. With a brush dipped in proper amount of vanity, in hand back after adjust the shade, then brush in the eye. 2. Avoid too hard, will brush gently apply eye, vanity natural prone to skin. Eye shadow brush also have professional brush cleaner, pour a few drops on, along the direction of the brush rinse with cold water for a while, and then dry flat shade is ok. If there is no professional cleaning agent, every two weeks will brush with soak in warm water to clean that is put in the diluted shampoo and then rinse with cold water and dry flat shade after finishing the bristles. Air-dried fingers flick after brush head, brush the fluffy is resumed.
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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