How to select facial bottom makeup makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-21
How to select facial bottom makeup makeup brush? Below small make up for you introduce a few kinds: 1, flat head, flat foundation brush to brush the classic. Is characterized by short bristles, wool quantity thick closely. Suit to cooperate with frivolous use liquid foundation, looped or make-up on the point stamp method, advantage is soft focus effect is obvious, not leaving the powder abrupt. Makeup effect than traditional tongue foundation brush want to come to light. And flat brush with skin contact area is large, fast makeup. Sometimes the shape of the brush is not flat surface, a slope, more suitable for nose both sides and the detail parts of the processing. New words is easy to grasp, to choose a flat foundation brush introduction to the most suited. Good flat brush, brush hair soft, good elasticity. Provincial foundation, and use it every time you brush don't eat powder, makeup without powder mark, not heavy makeup effect. When you choose the brush in that several factors for it! 2, garden type brush head round head foundation brush is also very good! This kind of Brush with the English name of a general designation Buffing Brush. The same brush density is higher, solid closely. But with flat brush, the brush head slightly a little radian. The length of the brush brush longer than flat, so the shape will ring, look MAO doodle, cute! Usage as flat brush, squeeze some powdery bottom on the back, a little bit with the brush dips in powdery bottom, with some pressure on the face evenly, then looped methods with foundation. 3, air, feeling the first brush fiber brush a lot of people is the tongue type foundation brush! The big brother is a brush industry. But it is not easy to brush with a good tongue type really, is not suitable for as the new, not careful to brush the powder mark together. Suitable for need high block defect, skin condition is not very good sister. Now when using squeeze some foundation on hand, and then take on the backs of hands dip in with the brush of powdery bottom, makeup brushes and 45 ° Angle to the skin as far as possible, when a few apply for many times. After mastering skills, makeup effect will be a lot of beautiful, draw the bottom makeup will be very good! And tongue type foundation brush to clean, convenient and good care, makeup girl background love oh!
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