How to skin care cosmetic brush factory tell you fall

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-07
Cosmetic brush manufacturer fall tell you how to protect skin, please follow the small make up and see it today. Autumn is easily dry, itchy skin, how to wash it hard to become a big problem! Small make up recommend, if the skin is dry desquamate, had better avoid strong force had to clean face product, choose the amino acid surfactants washing a face, if there is no budget to replace washs a face, might as well do change in the habit of washing a face, as far as possible let fully foaming cleanser in hand after washing a face, reduce the stimulus of lotion, rich foam at the same time reduce the number of hands and skin friction, make the face like SPA comfortable; Wash a face every time, gestures to be more modest, only for easy T department to strengthen the massage oil, easy to dry itchy only two buccal that can be. Although autumn sunshine power was tempered, but autumn is also to be reckoned with! So don't rush your sunscreen, but too much proportion of chemical sunscreen to cause stimulation, in the fall of unstable clogged pores or physical components. Suggest adjustments so prevent bask in coefficient, reduce the burden of skin, SPF15 ~ 30 based protection is enough, and suggested to examine whether own sunscreen has oil-control effect, if it is normal, easy dry itchy skin, can be changed to suntan lotion, moisturizing and protection. Change garments according to the elasticity of your skin. Hurt by the skin in the summer will be fully manifested in autumn, if not only performance, dry skin, even weaken the flexibility of itself, it is quite serious, it is only the through 1 - 2 weeks continuously intensive moisturizing maintenance. Every two or three days to use moisturizing effect higher mask a face, for a situation by place can also massage auxiliary, and cooperate with the intake of vitamin C, such ability make the skin restore original health as soon as possible.
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