How to wash makeup brush? Clean the makeup brush matters needing attention

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-31

makeup brush is we used to change the makeup tools, daily use makeup brush to clean on a regular basis, in case the breeding ground for bacteria. May not some people don't know about makeup brush cleaning without harm, but invisible harm is hidden on the makeup brush, but we have not found. How to wash makeup brush? Cleaning brushes the matters needing attention of small make up this to tell you!

a, clean makeup brush note

makeup brush cleaning is mainly divided into two ways, one is powder wash, one kind is washed. Below to introduce considerations, respectively. The material of makeup brush into animal hair and synthetic fibers. The animal's daily can be applied to powder. Such as powder paint, cheek is red paint, eye shadow to paint. If want to change color temporarily, with dry powder powder wash directly, will brush to remove the color of opaque. And synthetic fiber is not worry too much, such as powder brush, eyeliner brush, etc. Can be washed.

2, how to makeup brush to clean clean and not damage the

1, wet brush ( Pay attention to holding the brush the mouth of the tube and brush joint parts do not touch water) And let the brush Mao Chao.

2, pour out of the washing water in the palm of your hand. With your fingertips along the direction of the brush gently pushed outward.

3, gently with fingertips along the direction of the brush to extrapolate, until completely wash away the remnants of cosmetics, and then rinse clean with water.

4, on the table after wash a towel or paper towels absorb moisture, organize the bristles, and dry in the shade.

5, dry brush with hands gently knead, reoccupy finger play a play, make its restore puffy state. Don't brush, can be put on the head in the bottle, Or sack) 。

three, when clean makeup brush error

a myth: wash should vigorously rub, torsion brush, brush tools to wash clean

brush brush is actually very fragile, so should as far as possible when the cleaning is light and soft, just like we treat our baby when necessary can match some tools to help, not only can protect the wipers to still can wash cleaner!

erroneous zone 2: brush soaked with a cleaning fluid, bubble longer clean

usually soak time about 1 minutes, after so long as will brush clean, try to brush back and forth on the toilet paper and no residual cosmetics products.

myth 3: when washing with water must be 360 degrees to the flush, wipers will clean

when cleaning brush with water only can flush down hair streams direction, and junction of brush pen is also try not to touch water, avoid glue joint falls off, brush with hair removal or damage phenomenon, if immersed in pens are easy to cause the mold!

myth: brush should be in the sun to dry after washing and sterilization

basically brush after cleaning to use toilet paper or clean towel blot excess water, then you can hang in the brush rack order, or flat way can also, never use upside-down way, a chance for water to flow into the pencil.

mistake 5: brush for a few days not stem, speed up the drying with blower

brush is only suitable for indoor natural order, use hair dryer, hot air drying may damage the bristles to increase the speed of brush with broken and opportunity!

how about cleaning makeup brush? Cleaning makeup brush note we say here, makeup brush must be clean, if you really lazy or not enough time, you can take a bath once a week. Makeup brush is very easy to breed bacteria, so we still need to pay more attention to personal hygiene.

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