How used the makeup brush cleaning

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-23

how used the makeup brush cleaning, cosmetic brush has now been positioning for daily necessities, beauty of life is not a heart, to use make-up brush to draw a beautiful makeup look is necessary, make up brush after use, hard to avoid contamination on the sebum, the microorganism in the air, dust, etc. , and bacteria can develop. Using such unclean makeup brush, can affect the skin and even cause skin allergy.

how makeup brush cleaning steps:

1, prepare a pot of water, pour into 2 cm size component makeup brush cleaning fluid.

2, put the brushes in water mixing, make-up brush and rub gently with his fingers.

3, with a paper towel makeup brush on excess water pressure.

4, finally put the make up brush level in shady and cool place, let it dry naturally.

clean makeup brush tool:

1. Johnson's baby shampoo, all brush you can use it to clean, do not hurt the bristles. Cooperate with washing tools: sigma scrubbing pad ( More than large scrubbing pad specialized cleaning large makeup brush, the novice is not recommended) Mintbear wash eggs ( Beginners, practical, and wash the single brush) , pour a suitable amount of washing liquid on cleaning tools, brush head down, gently looped to cleaning.

2。 Brush egg wash cute artifact, the commonly used to wash the lip brush and cleaning brush eyeliner to use, very convenient.

3。 Net, this essential, brush finish cleaning drying process is very important, some people find that finish cleaning brush, dry hair after Fried, oh, that's because you didn't use quilt with nets, brush after dry hair will be very fleeciness not Fried.

4。 The most important, dry air drying, in a cool and ventilated place, don't be sun! Cooperate to use mintbear air brush holder, thickening of the acrylic material, waterproof and easy to clean. There are different size of aperture, can hang a different degree of makeup brush.

after makeup brush to clean, brush handle, brush brush, the brush from the brush handle the top vertical insert brush holder screens, dried in a cool ventilated place, such as it dry naturally. How about makeup brush cleaning small make up have introduced a lot of, including common makeup brush to clean and putting on makeup brush set cleaning method, content is still very fresh today oh, want to be able to help to you.

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