Introduction and use of cosmetic brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-04

introduction and use of cosmetic brush, cosmetic brush for beginners tend to be strange, don't know how to use don't know how to pick, makeup brushes as most of the women's essential supplies for starters we must understand the purpose of the cosmetic brush, and using method of cosmetic brush. Below small make up according to their own professional knowledge and experience for everybody to introduce in detail the use of makeup brush.

10 makeup brush sets: from left to right in turn order

1. Big stucco

material: when choosing materials, powder brush brush head is flat, vertical length, elastic. The bristles cannot too soft, not too soft can cause of pink makeup. Harder to, such brush can cause stress, make foundation more break the skin.

use: use sweet stucco, if stick too much powder, can on the back of hand brush two times now and let the powder evenly distributed on the brush, and then you can brush, brush cheeks first, then forehead and chin, then its nose.

2。 Cheek is red brush

material: can choose natural animal hair or synthetic hair: animal wool, very soft feeling comfortable to use; And the material of synthetic hair is hard, but had better elasticity. Subject to different function of the wipers to select the appropriate brush material, cheek is red brush need bushiness and lightsome, choose animal brush is most appropriate, the bristles to big and soft, well made.

use: use cheek red brush first step: click cheek is red paste on the risorius. The second step: to the diamond sponge evenly pushed from behind the risorius oblique direction, avoiding around the eyes. Third: dab on the cheek is red brush, blush powder from the risorius to hair, brush 3 from front to back light again.

3。 Foundation brush

material: material had better choose mink or synthetic fiber synthetic fiber powder brush not bibulous, range and high, is the biggest advantage of this synthetic fiber brush. Soft and hard to, elastic, brush to cheek by jowl fat density, brush about 4 cm wide, handle well with well.

use: general poured out about foundation the size of a coin in the palm or escaping position, with a foundation brush dips in proper amount, cross method with the brush in the cheeks, forehead and chin, and nose area light brush repeatedly, in this way can brush out the foundation of the uniform, otherwise easy to have a a brush marks, but in the eyes, nose and mouth parts need a glyph brush, will not be too thick. Note don't dip in a lot of pink, dip in with too much is not easy, cause uneven thickness.

4。 Eyebrow comb

material: can be divided into the diagonal shape hard brush, spiral, a shape. Nylon do oblique hard brush, eyebrow in the United States is the main force in the step. Threading or pencil the eyebrows with eyebrow brush brush away before eyebrows dander, brush out ideal eyebrow movements; After the thrush with eyebrow comb brush along the direction of light eyebrows, make the eyebrow color depth is consistent, natural harmonious.

use: for the width of the eyebrows, camber is drawn, then dip in with eyebrow brush eyebrow powder, dip in after pat eyebrow brush, this is done to shake off float float pink on the brush, and then from the brush eyebrow peak place, because this color, then forward levelling. These are based on your own eyebrow shape, thrush, might as well first wrinkly eyebrow, eyebrow bone protruding out, next to the brow of a jealous clip first, determine the high and low position of the eyebrows, draw eyebrows will be very natural.

5。 Flat eyeliner brush

material: mink eyeliner brush: polymerized, elasticity and durability, maofeng tea and have eyeliner brush flexibility, widely used in teaching and professional makeup; Nylon hair eyeliner brush: polymerized and elastic better, but after using a long time, the phenomenon of maojian tea will be bent, can be used for teaching and professional makeup; Horse hair brush eyeliner: polymerized and flexibility is a bit poor, less commonly used.

use: eyeliner brush is used to make up in the later stage. Women make up with. Divided into two USES wet and dry, wet use: wet brush, brush tip, on the eye shadow tray, draw a 'X' in order to apply the right amount of eye shadow powder. Again in your eyelashes roots from inner to outer eyes to draw. Do use: use the brush tips apply eye shadow powder, shaking off excess flour. Again in your eyelashes roots from inner to outer eyes to draw.

6。 Eye shadow brush

material: eye shadow brush bristles Mao Weijia on animals. Generally divided into small horse hair, goat hair, and mink on, before the two most common, moderate prices; Mink coat is the best brush material, texture and soft after washing, durable, is also the most expensive.

use: apply eye shadow generally has two methods: one is a three-dimensional shading, is a kind of horizontal shading. As the sketch drawing method of shading, use cool color or ambiguous object back feeling of color, coating on the outer corner of upper eyelid, eyebrow and eye cavity, the inner eye, outside canthus and other parts of the lower eyelid, the bright color painted in the centre of below the eyebrow and eye skin, shadow color with bright color shading to join natural, light and shade transition is reasonable.

7。 Lip brush

material: common main have mink lip brush, lip brush nylon lip brush and horsehair lip brush 3 kinds. Mink lip brush: polymerized, elasticity and durability, maofeng tea delicate and elastic; Nylon lip brush: made by special synthetic fiber, brush clearance is small, high convergence, brush flat and long, efforts to grasp more easily; Horse hair lip brush: made from natural horse hair, fine and soft, good convergence, but less elastic.

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