Introduction to makeup brush maintenance knowledge

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-16
Professional makeup brush bristles are generally divided into two kinds of animal hair and synthetic hair. Has a full set of wool scale natural animal hair clothes, so qualitative soft, eat meal degree of saturation, can make colour evenly pressed, and does not stimulate the skin. In general, animal fur is a good material of colour makeup brush. To promptly make makeup look beauty to get incisively and vividly, perhaps it's just a said you bad hand tools. Brush has from the hand of the professional stylist, go to love a woman. According to colour makeup division, mink is the highest grade in the bristles, texture is soft and moderate. Goats is the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable. The little horse hair texture than ordinary horse hair more soft and elastic. Artificial wool artificial fiber is harder than animal hair, suitable for thick cream colour makeup. Nylon is the most hard, much as a eyelash brush, eyebrow brush. Introduction to makeup brush maintenance knowledge: 1, daily maintenance: make up brush after use, in the face of paper along the brush, wipe excess residual cosmetics 2, regular maintenance: makeup brush to maintenance once a week, soak the brush in warm soapy water dilution, along the hair clean, reoccupy cold water is rinsed clean. Slightly on the cosmetic brush with surface paper moisture blot, after finishing, put it on the dry towel to dry, to air dry, can not blow dry, or dry in the sun, or you may hurt material; After makeup scrub clean, also can use protect hair cream dip a rinse again, can make the makeup brush brush more soft.
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