Lip brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush cleaning techniques

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-06
Makeup brush is often the price does not poor, so should pay attention to the way of maintenance. After each use at ordinary times, must use a tissue along the direction of the brush gently dry scrubbers, removal of residual powder color and makeup. Every two weeks in the diluted shampoo soak in warm water to clean, then rinse in cold water. After finishing the bristles flat, make its natural order. Lip brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush cleaning techniques: this type of brush pen is thin, hard brush, nylon construction. Brush head small, so it takes patience to wash a few times when cleaning. 1, use the right amount of special detergent foam, then brush into it. Note on the brush cleaner directly drops. 2, make the brush and the palm show ChuiZhiZhuang and in hand heart to wipe brush back and forth, make a good contact with brush and detergent. Repeated several times, we can see the brush on the residual color was 'wash out'. 3, rinse until bubbles disappear. And then absorb excess water with a towel, fold after fully dry. Different brush due to the use and material is different, the frequency of cleaning is different also, here to teach you a simple identification method: the higher the oil content of colour makeup product use the brush, the number of cleaning will be more frequent. Because dirt and grease residue easily attached to breed bacteria, make the brush to use more color dirty, and harm the skin healthy and so on the clean will be more diligent.
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