Lip brush how to choose and buy

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-05

lipstick makeup tools. Can make the lip contour of clear, lipstick colour and lustre is uniform. Lip brush selection should be qualitative and hard moderate, wool quantity in rail as well. Brush hair too soft lips lipstick is difficult to control weight, fuzzy and not sure the lip line, of course, is the failure of the bit in makeup look, today make up brush manufacturer to take everyone to discuss how to choose and buy a lip brush.

a, brush to feel soft and smooth, tight structure.

2, will brush gently on the back of hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles clipping in order.

three clips bristles, with his fingers, comb gently downwards, check whether the bristles fall off easily.

4, to blow hot air brush to distinguish categories: stay for animal hair, the hair curly is man-made fibers.

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