Love make up of the United States eyebrow: why do you want to choose a good makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-29

make-up brush can make your skills quickly escalated, different makeup brushes for different parts of the face amount 'and' custom. Large, soft brush to color brush very easily and very thin, and the fine exquisite brush can let makeup powder coated properly. Many women when buying cosmetics generous, but in the product toward the face daub is used in inferior makeup tools. Because of the lack of appropriate make-up tools and affect the makeup effect, even to buy high quality cosmetics is a pyrrhic victory. Use the right make-up tools, your makeup will become simple and easy, more professional makeup effect. At first glance, a high quality makeup brushes is not cheap, but we should know the use reasonably, it can be used for the rest of your life. Daub makeup product must use different brushes, otherwise it could not have succeeded in toning. To do a good job, must first sharpen his device good makeup brush is more expensive than cosmetics. Because of good makeup brush to one-time investment, but it can be used for many years. Make-up brush can accelerate the speed of, make a dizzy catch more soft, color more natural, more fine lines. Just like the painter's brush is the same. Sometimes, find a good set of makeup brushes will feel suddenly enlightened, like read a book tell you the truth. Suddenly some use bad foundation is good, ugly color is pleasing to the eye. I still have a special liking for makeup brush, can bring makeup look more better, the girl has a set of suitable for their own makeup more professional makeup brush or a good choice. So say good makeup brush can let your cosmetics play the best effect! Makeup brush is a kind of itself is not a color, but to cooperate with eyeliner or water soluble liquid eyeliner to use special line of makeup tools. Makeup brush bending is the most easy to use in the fine eyeliner brush, the brush has the advantage of when you draw look line in front of a mirror is unlikely to stop the line of sight of you. There are two other eyeliner brush, bevel and very fine point, bevel eyeliner brush can be used in the eyelashes and the line between the eyes. Basically, the quality of a material of makeup brush will be divided into the squirrel wool, wool top fine light peak, high light peak in wool, raccoon hair, squirrel hair, yellow Wolf tail hair, horse hair, white pahmi hair, nylon hair, synthetic fiber, quality of a material is more hard, has the strong flexibility. Makeup brush brush head, also can be divided into flat slender short brush and brush two kinds, according to the outline of eastern and western people, based on the colour makeup required makeup effect quality of a material, the use of parts and the required design of the brush head shape, can accurate response to all cosmetic appeal. Cosmetic brush out of the side effect is more clean, color is faster, more accurate, but is not so good eyeliner control in use.

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