Maintenance of all kinds of cosmetics maintenance guide cosmetics

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-12

often make up of the United States eyebrow, dresser always with all kinds of cosmetics, their close contact with our little face every day, and maintain these cosmetics and maintain small face is also important. How to maintain such a makeup? Today, small make up to sort out the various kinds of cosmetics and maintenance guidelines, to share with you, to take a look.

1, the eyelash to cream use six more months

we use every day, mascara, it has a certain life, also use six months is enough, for more than six months should be eliminated. Eyelash to cream ingredients are oil, the composition and it is easy to harden metamorphism, and when use eyelash creams, all need from the eye is very close, if the metamorphism, continue to use, to the health of the eyes is very unfavorable. So you use mascara can only use six months, and in the six months after each use mascara will cover the lid, in time to avoid eyelash to cream premature deterioration.

2, cosmetic storage should be away from damp place

the cosmetics store is unfavorable in relatively damp places, high humidity environment is easy to make cosmetics get damp, moldy, appear thereby the phenomenon such as water, some of the eyebrow in the United States in order to make up convenient, direct put cosmetics inside the bathroom, it is wrong, time grows, so use of cosmetics is very dangerous. So the sisters don't put cosmetics or skincare products directly inside the bathroom, the best on the dressing table, more dry and safe.

3, face brush and puff to regular cleaning

we makeup is always inseparable from all kinds of auxiliary toiletry, powder puff, face is more common, such as makeup auxiliary appliance maintenance also cannot ignore. Face brush and puff etc. Be sure to do regular cleaning, if long time don't clean, bacteria will be covered in too much dust, to continue to use on the skin, will make the skin damaged and more and more sensitive. Recommends that the United States eyebrow regularly clean face powder brush tools, such as a week with a mild cleaning fluid or soap to clean, dry it in the sun.

4, lipstick lipstick should clean

we use lipstick, lip gloss, etc to clean, too? Yes, cosmetics such as lipstick lipstick should regularly to clean, because we are after using the lipstick and lip balm, the mets have residual mucus lid, these are infected with bacteria and dust. Recommends that the United States eyebrow in after each use lipstick lipstick, are part of the remains on the cover with a paper towel, avoid breeding ground for bacteria. And lip makeup products used only six months to a year, time is too long will deteriorate, continue to use easily precipitated melanin in labial ministry, even damage labial ministry to skin.

5, sunscreen products avoid exposure

don't think is prevented bask in a product can resist ultraviolet radiation will aggressively in the sunshine to favor, you know, is prevented bask in a product cannot insolate, often get sun burnt into, it is easy to oxidation, texture will also become very rich, daub, sunscreen effect will not only greatly reduced, but also can aggravate the oil, make skin give oil increasing, gradually, the cause of acne and acne. So, no matter which season, all need to pay attention to, any sunscreen products, including sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen spray is not in the sun insolates, oh.

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