Make-up brush for the first time how cleaning brush for the first time use to wash?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-28

for beginners a makeup artist, to buy cosmetic brush is a blank sheet of paper for cleaning makeup brush is a piece of blank paper. New makeup brush is actually need to wash it again, this is not only to clean brushes the above bacteria, even in the absence of bacteria in the first cleaning is also the spiritual comfort. Just bought the makeup brush might be attached to a bacteria, microorganisms, etc. , clean after cleaning brush to a makeup look neat, if brush for using cleaner and become too acerbity, to use a small amount of hair conditioner, slightly straighten hair tail, and also to wash clean with plenty of water.

cleaning brushes first we want to know is there are two kinds of cosmetic brush material, is a kind of animal fur another kind is a man-made fibre. The two different material also has a different way to clean, if not correctly can lead to clean brushes to reduce the life of a well.

we first to see the animal hair soft brush: animal wool soft brush is usually used to and opaque of products such as we usually use eye shadow brush cheek is red brush painting. Do not recommend often wash damage hair. At ordinary times feeling scattered painted dirty transparent powder can be used after washing can take the rest of the color, wash it with professional detergent can be cleaned once a week or half a month.

artificial fibre soft brush: synthetic hair brush cleaning is more relatively simpler, advice directly use water clean dry it with detergent. Commonly used cosmetic brush representative are: powder brush, lip brush.

here we'll talk about the correct way to clean brushes:

warm water + washing liquid cleaning

1. We fully wetted make-up brush with warm water before cleaning, pay attention to the joint of the brush and tube don't touch water.

2。 Pour out the detergent in the palm knead frothing, let the brush absorb looped rub until the powder is cleaning out residue. ( Can also find a container to put the paint in cleaning, don't put too much attention to water)

3。 With your fingertips to squeeze out the dirty water, along the brush until no cosmetic residual traces of water clean again.

4。 With a clean tissue to wipe brush to see whether there is residual powder mark, any repeat the above steps to clean it again.

5。 Squeezed dry with a clean tissue after blot moisture, dry it flat out on the paper.

make-up brush for the first time how cleaning brush for the first time use to wash? Content is here, hope can help to you, when cleaning is important to note that when we were in cleaning makeup brush should guarantee the clockwise direction to clean, not reverse cleaning so as not to damage the bristles. If there is any need to purchase a makeup brush can shop in the center of the web site products.

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