Make-up brush how maintenance 丨 what brush is good?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-30

nowadays there are many kinds of cosmetic brush, high-end is animal hair, the other on the market and artificial wool, wool and animal wool use still have certain gap, due to the nature of the animal wool itself caught in the process of using powder effect than artificial wool have an advantage, because the animal with a layer of MAO's own scales can effectively catch powder, apply more evenly. What is the following makeup brush is good?

animal wool

use animal wool feels good, do not stimulate soft, makeup effect is good, but the price is higher, if poorly managed easily damaged. Synthetic hair cheaper price, good elasticity, no powder, easy to clean, not easy to damage, but the hair is harder, uneven coating powder.

animal wool is a natural hair, so like a person's hair is easy to damage. And animal wool with frequent washing, is relatively artificial wool is relatively easy to deformation. Natural hair is elastic, it is not easy to be damaged, longer service life. A good makeup brush if managed properly, can be used for several years, the service life of less than artificial wool.

of course animal hair will be more soft than artificial wool. Actually artificial wool can also like animal hair soft,. But artificial wool will wear thin to become soft, MAO's strength also can become weak, affects the effect of brush out, animal wool is better than artificial wool prices are more expensive.

can be used with animal hair makeup brush honey powder, blush, eye shadow powder cosmetics, makeup look more natural break. Animal wool prices more expensive, horse hair and goats' hair price moderate, yellow Wolf tail hair is the highest grade in the bristles, expensive. And artificial wool, although price is cheaper, more suitable for cream colour makeup product, such as foundation, eyeliner, etc.

makeup brush maintenance

as the animal wool is so fragile to bacteria in the composition of protein. Almost all the manufacturers in the production of natural hair brushes when after disinfection process. Relatively speaking, synthetic hair is more advantageous in terms of antibacterial. But all the makeup brushes are users want to rely on a good management can avoid bacteria.

animal hair with a neutral detergent, such as shampoo, detergent, diluted with water washing, can reoccupy after washing a hair conditioner, with professional cleaning agent is better. Animal hair brushes often wash is not recommended, generally about 1 months time.

synthetic hair can use cleanser to clean, because synthetic wool are often used to apply cream products, had better choose clean force stronger products, bacteria and paste products, so want to often clean, it is best to use a wash. Dry method is the same, can be flat or vertical, but don't let the brush head up!

makeup brush is relatively close to the skin products, after use must pay attention to maintenance, after use should often clean lest makeup brush not clean for a long time lead to breed bacteria, not only have a negative effect to the skin also unfavorable for makeup brushes. Today's make-up brush how maintenance 丨 what brush is good? Content is so much, want to know more knowledge makeup brush can pay more attention to news.

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