Make-up brush processing steps and brush process

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-13

make-up brush processing steps and brush flow interpretation, dazzling cosmetic brush brand, but we did not know is that a lot of makeup brush brand OEM, like millet mobile phone is OEM production. Rather than their study to more cost-effective experienced a third party. So today we want to say is the production of cosmetic brush, cosmetic brush production process is generally divided into makeup brush production, the production of wool, wool and joystick to connect three links, the following content will be divided into the three parts analysis.

a, makeup brush handle

1. Makeup brush handle material

makeup brush handle will generally choose acrylic materials, aluminum and wood, etc. , cosmetic brush wooden handle material commonly used birch, blood wingceltis have chosen ebony, Zambia a dense wood (a Choose this kind of wood does not generally do paint processing, can do surface polishing, keep the sandalwood incense, do less) 。 To meet the public demand to use makeup brush is birch and acrylic material for the handle.

2。 Makeup brush wooden handle cutting

in the makeup brush wooden handle general together with the batch cutting, cutting machine set related tool size, spacing, can one-time quickly with wooden handle. Our existing diameter, length, form different makeup brush handles are done in this section.

3。 Primer on makeup brush wooden handle ( The first line of paint)

wooden makeup brush paint handle - there will be two ways Stir in paint and soaked lacquer. One on the first line of paint for mixing the paint, in same cutting good will in a blender with wooden handle surface with paint to fully mix, avoids the first line of paint directly on the handle of the bubble.

4。 Makeup brush handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Colored paint)

above lacquer has the branch of the order, will first coloured lacquer ( For black commonly, specific color can according to customer requirements to go) , to a transparent lacquer. After finishing the first line of paint, workshop teacher can take the wooden handle out, will it a uniform nails on a board ( Note: makeup brush wooden handle contact with the nozzle of the hammer on a nail) , and then pour board tent card in the machine box, soaking straight down.

wooden paint again soak finished, will remove the air drying, paint smell will fade, then soak coloured lacquer on 7 - over and over again 8 times, to complete the process.

5。 Makeup handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Transparent paint)

the last line of colored paint dry, started on the transparent paint, transparent paint 2 - at the meeting Three times, the machine working procedure such as consistent with coloured lacquer painting.

2, makeup brush wool production

do makeup brush basic is to use animals, such as wool, wool, horse synthetic hair can be used according to the custom requirement. Wool ( The best thin light peak around 1800 yuan a kilogram) , horse hair, 200 - 400 yuan a kilogram) , squirrel hair ( 10000 yuan a kilogram) , mink ( 10000 to about 20000 2 kg) Such as the true maomao.

1。 Wool selection and matching of

on the ratio of wool, such as we need to do a fine light peak and squirrel hair brush made of in proportion, the ratio of wool will by fabric supplier. Most system brush factory ratio of wool are outsourced to fabric supplier or match the master to do hair, but a professional chef in charge of the process.

2。 Wool production ( Pocket spring type)

choose ratio and determine later, MAO MAO to the desktop, and then in a clear spring type container, Note: peak position down, MAO MAO type) And picked up down, repeated shocks - 6 Eight times, until spring. Hair with different shapes and sizes, we will use different kinds of feather shape container, igawa Lin have a special die shop to do hair head shape container, therefore, can be customized wool type.

3。 Wool production ( Mouth tube group acting)

after feather hairy pocket, with fine wool strapped up feather, feather set inside the ring of plastic mold, the feather intake pipe with plastic mold, keep good good hair type, and then with cotton tail feather head will launch tube, and then use machine to plunge into the pipe mouth, mouth to pipe pressure type, feather is fixed in the tube in the mouth.

4。 Wool production ( Sieve and MAO MAO)

feather mouth tube fixed after molding, using special sieve sieve back and forth MAO MAO, dropped the easy to screen out MAO, each screen back and forth a few times on the tape sticking your hair fall out. After the completion of the sieve MAO will repair hair head shape with a knife.

3, make-up brush wool and handle cementing head

1. Adhesive: made of fine iron powder and AB resin mixture. For the mouth of the different diameter tube, and will use AB glue with different particle size of iron powder, mouth tube directly, the greater the iron powder particles.

2。 Operation of cementing links

adhesive with good later, in the crowded creamy tapered plastic bag inside, scissors conical baotou mouth open. First the adhesive squeeze into tube along the tube wall, then slowly press the inlet pipe, will handle moderate twist, make adhesive clamping mouth tube and handle, dry after a period of time, is the finished product.

as a professional makeup brush custom processing manufacturers, after numerous tests and the trust of the customer to go today, today, to share the make-up brush processing steps and brush process on content, here is a professional makeup brush custom, wholesale makeup brush set of makeup brushes manufacturers, if there is more than demand can contact us.

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