Make up brush science, beginners will look! A few brushes makeup would you dare to say?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-03

makeup brush science, beginners will look! A few brushes makeup would you dare to say? Basic tools, brush, makeup is the makeup of a makeup artist makeup artist on the make-up can have good-looking? ? Absolutely not hand out, little of course not our best assists makeup brush. People like makeup should all know Pony! ! ! ! , here small make up to introduce the knowledge of cosmetic brush.

when it comes to makeup, have to mention the fire through the makeup of the beauty industry a great god - Pony, the theory of 'suddenly turn hostile' skills, I'm afraid of sun wukong 72 change also want to lose to Pony. Pony great god can create the reduction degree so high imitation makeup, in addition to the makeup of the fate of technology itself has, of course also cannot leave the beauty makeup tools. And makeup brush as a practical tool for the most beautiful makeup, for a perfect makeup look is indispensable!

for new to makeup girl, than 'makeup brush how to use' is a major problem that 'makeup brush how to choose? '

there are so many kinds of cosmetic brush! Can be comparable to the chemical element periodic table - and 'find suits own makeup brush' has become a cosmetic small white and great spirit between a line selection.

when it comes to the kinds of cosmetic brush, first on a 'makeup brush family snapshot'. Little fairies can pass this picture preliminary understanding about all kinds of brush, do not need to purchase a neat figure in all of the brush, The local tyrants, of course, please feel free to) . After all, in addition to professional makeup artist and senior beauty makeup bosses, doesn't use in our daily life so much makeup brush.

for entry-level makeup fairies, makeup brush set, this paper is not recommended and buy as far as possible. Because, generally in a brush with bold lines will always be a few chicken ribs, said for new colour makeup, just got all don't know how to use each of the, over time also had to idle soot formation.

in general, makeup brush brush can be divided into natural bristles and synthetic bristles.

natural bristles:

is essentially animal hair. In the animal's natural wool collected hair. Advantages:

brush Mao Chao soft, makeup experience is very good. Because animal wool Bunsen bring pore, so it is easier to grasp powder, can be more evenly at the same time. The most suitable match with powder products, such as eye shadow powder, powder, blush grooming, etc. To better shading powder products, make makeup look be in harmony are an organic whole.


because of is natural hair brush with long hair is easier to fall off, so life is short. People who are allergic to animal hair doesn't work. Tend to be expensive. Late to brush cleaner demand is high, more maintenance work to do.

synthetic bristles:

usually made with artificial materials ( Such as polyester fiber polyester fiber and nylon nylon) Is made and be become.


cheap, good wool brush price will be high. Allergic to animal wool source also can be used. Because they do not bring pore, will not absorb too much product, so the most suitable match with liquid and paste products, such as foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc. Longer life, brush hair not easily fall off, easier to clean, relatively few later maintenance.

live longer, brush hair not easily fall off, it is easier to clean, relatively few later maintenance.


because of the brush as soft, natural bristles so when using may feel a little skin. On the effect of powder products not as good as natural hair brush. Shading effect compared with not very brilliant.

according to the degree of precious brush points:

mink ( Yellow Wolf hair) : the quality of a material soft moderate, suitable for eye shadow brush.

the squirrel fur ( Including the squirrel hair) : the most soft and comfortable texture and more used in powder paint, cheek is red brush.

horse hair: quality of a material is harder than goat hair, used for eye shadow brush.

pig mane: quality is the most hard, much as eyebrow paint.

goat hair: the most commonly used brush, texture soft, durable, white tip of wool, the wool light peak is the highest grade in wool brush; Widely used in all kinds of brush.

⚠ little fairies makeup brush when the choose and buy, often can appear a little error, will feel natural hair brushes must be better than artificial wool.

in fact is not all like that, or want to choose according to the types of brush, like powder brush, eyebrow brush that kind of can choose artificial wool, the advantage of the artificial wool is very good, of course also because the price is the conscience.

all in all each have each benefits, we can according to the actual situation of choose and buy oh ~

when it comes to how to choose suits own makeup brush this problem, will emphasize it again, don't blind impulse to start with a set of brushes!

many makeup brush can be 'one brush is multi-purpose', cheek is red brush can be used on the cheek is red, for example, can also be used to do the shadow grooming. And such as eye shading brush can also be used to do some brush eyebrow bone and nose highlights. In short, a lot of the brush can be adjusted according to individual needs to be done, not must be a radish, a pit.

Collectively, the effect of custom makeup brushes on industrial society has been to eliminate custom makeup brushes manufacturer and drastically reduce the time long associated with cosmetic brush manufacturers.
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