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by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-21


makeup brush is not standard, but we can be classified according to the using effect and material, different people make up brush technique skilled degree is differ, so some people's understanding of commonly used cosmetic brush is different also, for newcomers in our daily makeup brush types are very few, because there were a total of 20 kinds of cosmetic brush, for beginners is just like a haven't seen much forest grass. Under the small face for you to introduce the classification of makeup brush and using method.

makeup I class:

according to the material classification: can be divided into animal hair and synthetic hair.

according to the classification of use: can be sweet stucco, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, paint brush, foundation, etc.

there are many different kinds of cosmetic brush. Deal with daily makeup, can according to personal habits to combine makeup look. But there are 6 brush is the basis of the necessary configuration: sweet stucco, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush, powdery bottom to refresh the hand is not easy to control can also try to use. Beginners can try to use this 6 the makeup brush.

sweet stucco: sweep out of vanity with silk texture, facial makeup is more clean and durable.

concealer brush: fine brush to brush the hard-to-reach parts, block defect more uniform natural effect.

cheek is red brush: cheek is red brush out natural radian, mottling shadows, perfect facial contours.

eye shadow brush, phyletic and various. Need to prepare different size of eye shadow brush to match different eye ministry outline method.

eyebrow brush: cooperate with eyebrow powder, can draw quite a natural eyebrow. The eyebrow pencil is easier to control and shade.

lip brush: accurate outline of lip, make double lip colour full even, more enduring.

foundation brush: used to apply liquid foundation, the requirement of the brush and the requirement of the foundation are high.

here about make-up I class and use content is, the novice makeup artist if used in cosmetic brush method still don't understand, you can watch the video to learn make-up brush techniques, the novices habit by hand or makeup brush to make-up cotton, each have each benefits, but round use advantage, makeup brush is the upper hand.

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