Makeup brush cleaning and maintenance strategy

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-22
Women love beautiful, makeup is necessary, so the role of makeup brush more important. But, if you don't pay attention to clean brushes, as a result of the accumulation of long-term oil powder can produce bacteria can cause harm to the skin. In addition, can also cause the bristles bifurcate dropping impact on quality of makeup. So, how small make up recommend cleaning makeup brush, maintenance tools. Makeup brush cleaning and maintenance, it can make you this spring and summer not only look beautiful, tool can also be beautiful! The strategy, how to wash brush? Brush contact with different color of eye shadow powder, after using one or two would be easy to dirty, easy to make eye makeup colour looks cloudy no clean, also influence to use again. Many times after use, in the brush surface residual oil powder will make it harden cause cannot be used. Therefore, when both sides of the brush used or after using several times, you have to clean now. 1, water will be smudger full moisture, will be just the right amount of special cleaner drip on the eye shadow sticks, does not need too much a few drops. 2, use forefinger and thumb finger gently squeezing smudger, carefully wash the dirt out, press and cleaning action to repeat several times until the dirt away. 3, the great eye shadow after wash dirt on clean, will brush residual moisture with a clean towel blot, flat on them on the towel. Strategy 2, how to clean the lip brush? Lip gloss or lipstick, lip brush contact after use with pigment and oils to become stiff lip brush. After each use, therefore, must first with a paper towel remains on lip brush wipe lip gloss or lipstick, after about two weeks left will need to use special cleaner or neutral detergent to clean again. 1, in the palm to special cleaner or neutral detergent fully bubbles, then put the lip brush into the foaming cleanser. Be careful not to pour the cleaner on the lip brush directly, this will let the brush is damaged. 2, the lip brush erect in the palm, repeat back and forth, let all the bristles can fully contact with the cleanser in the palm, let bubble brush away residue on pigment material. 3, the last rinse off with clear water lip brush, remove excess water with a clean towel, flat on a clean towel for them.
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