Makeup brush for a long time not to clean what is the harm?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-30

makeup brush for a long time not to clean what is the harm? , as people increasingly relies on for make-up, make-up to become people daily required a, there are also many beginners do not use makeup brush, don't know how to wash makeup brush, simply not washed, but you know not to clean makeup brush which can cause harm, let's take a look at below.

makeup indispensable item: powder brush, powder paint, eye shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush

not to clean brushes the damage to the skin

1, we in a delicate makeup makeup to need so much of the brush, if you use a long time not to wash makeup brush will lead to long blain blain on the face allergic, long blain blain on the face makeup brush is the culprit, not for a long time cleaning them, beauty makeup brush brush into a disfigured. Especially the foundation brush and wet brush, if not timely cleaning, brush in the breeding of bacteria can cause a lot of damage to fragile skin.

the cleaning method: cleaning brush must not be rough! Rub your back and forth, and blow dry method, is wrong, this will only make you brush wash 'bloom', again without the possibility of recovery. Brush is not going to used to cleaning the influence of dirty, like a foundation brush, eyeliner brush with the brush such as wet, very easy to produce bacterial harm the skin, not more than ten days will be washed, cheek is red brush, powder paint dry brush, such as two or three months clean can.

2, long time not to clean brushes because when wiping the skin makeup brush will stick on the skin grease, after repeated use of cosmetics qualitative change will happen, then don't use the cosmetics, and makeup brush using a long time not to clean will also have a lot of cosmetic residue, secondary when used to control the bad makeup effect.

makeup brush cleaning steps:

( 1) After each use makeup brush, it should be on the dry towel along the direction of the hair brush, wipe with excess residual cosmetics.

( 2) Be careful to maintain once a week, the brush to soak in the special cleaning agent, along the hair clean, reoccupy cold water is rinsed clean. With light pressure surface paper will finally moisture blot.

( 3) Brush after cleaning to air dry in a cool ventilated place, avoid by all means use hair dryer dry, otherwise may cause damage to brush.

( 4) After wash, can also be used with water after rub a rinse, can make more soft bristles.

the correct method is to use clean water, along the brush in the direction of natural wet

with special paint cleaning products, gently brush back and forth in its hand with a

if the brush is dirty, clean plate also has a lot of paint on the market.

today share the makeup brush for a long time not to clean what is the harm? Content is here, makeup brush also do not need to wash every day, if you use a very frequent 3 - at least a week to wash Best 5 times, it is important to note when cleaning makeup brush must not vigorously press makeup brush, causes a makeup brush splits and wool. With some friends don't understand makeup brush to understand professional makeup brush set of our products.

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