Makeup brush for the first time use to wash? What is cleaning steps

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-23

makeup brush for the first time use to wash? Cleaning steps, makeup brush for the first time to use for a lot of people don't wash always feel unease, like a new dress, small make up recommend buying for the first time to use makeup scrub a better. Because makeup brush on the long time need not when bacteria and breed microbes, some brushes will there be any smell, for the first time use cleaning it again if the off when washing the hair, or other damage can also be timely communication with the merchants returns a replacement.

clean brushes:

1, daily maintenance: after using, brush along the surface of paper, wipe excess cosmetics.

2, regular maintenance: once a week, will brush to soak in warm soapy water dilution, along the hair wash, and then rinse with cold water. With a paper towel dry brush gently. When completed, will brush flat, until completely dry.

after the cleaning brush, allow it to dry naturally. Don't use a hair dryer or drying in the sun, otherwise it will damage the material. Don't erect in the cup to dry, because the center of gravity will be run to wet the edges of the brush, the brush after drying out of shape. After washing, you can also use protect hair vegetable soak and flushing, it makes the brush more soft.

add warm water washing liquid cleaning method:

1, before cleaning, will make up brush to soak in warm water, pay attention to the brush and the joint of pipeline.

2, pour the detergent, wipe your palm. Let the brush round to absorb and friction, until the rest of the powder are cleared. ( You can find a container put in cleaning, be careful not to put too much water. )

3, brush the dirty water out, using your fingertips until there is no residual traces of cosmetics, and then rinse with water.

4, with a clean paper towel to wipe brush, look to whether have residual powder stain. If so, repeat the above steps.

5, squeeze out water, with a clean paper towel clean water, and dried flat on paper.

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