Makeup brush how to distinguish? How to identify makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-14

haven't update technical articles for you for a long time, over the years in a hurry to learn, to write this article for everybody, makeup brush, use method and cleaning method of small make up have written many articles, mainly for cosmetic brush today identify to explain for everybody, many novice or don't pay attention to the makeup brushes makeup girl often distinguish method for makeup brushes are not enough to understand, let's look at makeup brush how to distinguish.

makeup I class and distinguish method:

a, foundation brush

foundation brush brush is usually divided into tongue, flat brush, brush three round head. Just talked about, the cosmetics have dry and wet, and because most of the foundation is moisture and grease, belong to the wet cosmetics, so the use of artificial wool powder brush will be more durable.

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