Makeup brush how to use? Five commonly used set of brush tutorial

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-03

good collocation of the tool, can make whole makeup supplies in the play the greatest effect on his face.

below small make up to introduce the function and use method of five brushes.

a, powder paint

powder paint is one of the tools used to calm makeup, it combined with powder or powder can have the makeup look calm makeup effect. Keep 5 - 6 hours makeup to the full, at the same time can achieve the result of containment, usually can build a mist effect of makeup look.

when selecting a powder paint, should pay attention to whether the bristles, whether soft. Only soft dense brush Mao Cai can not miss facial defects, on the base of large area. The shape of the powder paint general is given priority to with circular and fan, circular can sweep powder concentrate, and fan can consider the overall of facial contour.

method of use: take a suitable amount of honey with powder or powder in the bottom makeup on face gently sweep, and in the area of easy to sweat, Such as the nose on both sides, chin forehead) For 5 seconds. Then along the facial contour again to clean it again.

now another summer mix the sister of outermost layer of skin give oil is more, can use powder paint baking ( In the face of brush on powder after waiting four or five minutes, with a smaller brush to erase the excessive powder) Matte effect is great.

2, foundation brush

powder brush is used for liquid foundation makeup brush. Generally there are three, one is cant foundation brush - — Brush can not only in the face, the fluid foundation can also be grooming brush brush, and highlights are generally multifunctional brush; One is a flat brush, mainly used for facial foundation treatment; And there's a circular foundation brush, commonly used in partial makeup effect. For the foundation brush, the most important thing is to choose the brush hair is neat, with a certain gradient brush a head. It is not only improves the ability of local block defect, and it can consider the cheekbones.

method of use: dip in with foundation brush apply adequate amount to the foundation or a dip in the hand and take a suitable amount of liquid foundation, dots at the forehead, chin, cheeks. ( Especially the defective blain to imprint stacks in thick) Brush with powdery bottom, and then gently brushing aside. If high emphasis on block defect degree, can use the foundation brush lightly on defects.

3, concealer brush

concealer brush is mainly for the block defect effect of local defects, at the same time also can make the whole makeup look more soft and perfect. In view of the block defect or red blain blain blain to imprint, generally it is recommended to use round brush block defect. And some of the red blood silk or is the color of skin, it is recommended to use square concealer brush for a large area of shading cover. And eyes black rim of the eye concealer, generally choose than concealer brush blain blain of a smaller size concealer brush, because eye below black rim of the eye are generally elongated, block defect need details. And the choice of the bristles must is a gentle nature as the prerequisite, detail as far as possible the bristles.

method of use:

the concealer points where you need to block defect, such as in the red blain blain blain to imprint, and gently press the blain blain, at the same time to deal with defects and the boundary of the surrounding skin, soft as far as possible make it look natural, not and other skin color off color, with sweet pink base, finally make concealer and foundation.

4, eye shadow brush

eye shadow brush just as its name implies is used to dealing with eye makeup tools. In general eye shadow brush size compared with concealer brush and paint are much smaller, the pursuit of the bristles detail does not hurt the eye as well as the soft natural bristles. In general eye shadow brush can be suitable for eye shadow base, at the same time can also be used for eye details dizzy catch. Brush the more elastic, then makeup effect is amazing. Also consider to dip in and take the eye shadow powder, brush a bit soft doesn't make the eyes feel burden.

method of use: use eye shadow brush dips in taking a small amount of eye shadow powder or eye cream, gently sweep on eyelid leave, to achieve the effect of rendering; If still have painted eyeliner, chose a smaller number one eye shadow brush lightly in the eyeliner along a direction can be painted. Small hole in the depth of the extension, as well as the eye shape outline of eye shadow brush can be used to complete.

5, grooming brush

grooming is Asian women commonly used one kind of colour makeup skills, it can make us look more prominent cheekbones, at the same time make the outline of the whole face looks more stereo.

grooming brush is also the most important tool of grooming, general points two kinds big. One kind is facial grooming brush, brush is mainly in the cheekbones, brow has lower lips; One kind is body grooming brush, brush is mainly in the bosom, to create a more three-dimensional visual effect. In general grooming brush in the majority with cant mostly, because cant can consider the point of view of zygomatic; Circular grooming brush less, mostly used to render the cheekbones grooming. Grooming brush brush exquisite and meticulous, more long compared with powder brush.

method of use: first, choose a light brown or play in a wide range of barley color cheek cheekbones place, reoccupy is deep brown hit number one at zygomatic cavity, and then use grooming brush along the direction of the facial concave and convex gently brushing aside, if there were the Angle of sweep across the oh, try not to destroy the rest of your makeup colors and effects.

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