Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-20

makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? , if it is a professional makeup girl, buy expensive better, of course, you have your advantages, general high-grade animal wool is very expensive. And human hair fiber is much cheaper, for the novice makeup in the expensive and not in his thoughts, if is a novice to buy makeup brush, small make up recommend buying cheap or medium makeup brush, after using skilled can buy your makeup brush.

animal hair brushes advantage:


advantage is: the most common material, dizzy catch, catch powder force good, eye shadow color is good too.

the disadvantage is that: there are some sheep meat flavour, and down a little bit of wool brush no maofeng tea, hair is coarse, tactility is face. Animal brush

advantage: tongue type brush head can quickly spread out of the foundation, the foundation more joint skin, smooth exquisite, makeup feeling thin and transparent, can be a very good play to the effect of foundation;

characteristics: cat tongue brush, massive daub; Powerful maojian tea design efforts to convey accurate, can more easily apply to the nose, canthus and mouth corners and other parts, and compared with a powder puff or finger, can effectively save powder products.

synthetic hair brushes advantage:

synthetic hair brushes have advantages and disadvantages.

advantage is: to sensitive muscle is better, no animal hair smell, and is not afraid of water and oil, are also more resistant to washing, also will not deformation, so most of the foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush is synthetic hair.

the disadvantage is that: shading force general, eye shadow is not easy to dizzy, and the brush is hard, there will be a firm face.

makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? Content is here, in fact, makeup brushes in the expensive and not in the brand visibility, makeup brush has a lot of abroad is very expensive, but the quality and moderate price is the same as the home, buy cosmetic brush can choose according to their own economic conditions, not makeup brush is the more expensive the better.

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